So pancakes do not stick and are not eager, you need to add the secret ingredient

In addition, with this product, pancakes are more lush, rosy and delicious.

Щоб млинці не прилипали і не рвалися, потрібно додати секретний інгредієнт

Probably, everyone loves pancakes. This is a very ancient and very tasty Slavic dish, which in pagan times symbolized the sun. Sweet, fragrant pancakes – great for Breakfast or dessert. However, it is important to ensure that the pancakes are not burnt, not stuck and not broken during the rollover. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone. However, in order to avoid all these troubles, only need to add to the dough a perfectly ordinary ingredient, informs Rus.Media.

The thing is that the dough tends to burn and stick even to the good pans. In order to avoid such situation, some Housewives prefer to pour too much oil. This often works, but it should be noted that the pancakes are too fatty and oily, less tasty, and yet it is very harmful. In order not to hurt yourself and guests, and also to keep the taste and appearance of pancakes, use only one ingredient: the usual starch.

In the starch lies the secret of a successful and very tasty, and most importantly – not burnt pancakes. The starch makes the dough structure so that it no longer adheres even to not very good pans. In addition, it is pancakes are more lush, rosy and delicious.

To prepare the dough with starch, we will need the following ingredients:

  • Eggs – three pieces.
  • Normal milk – half a liter.
  • Wheat flour – two hundred-three hundred grams.
  • Salt, sugar – to taste.
  • Food starch – two tablespoons.

Combine all the ingredients, whisk the batter and voila! Everything is ready for frying pancakes. Don’t forget to preheat the pan.

Bon appetit!

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