Silvanus, and 12 Aug: the history and traditions of Christians

On this day, witches drink milk

Силуан и Сила 12 августа: история и традиции христиан

On 12 August, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the Holy apostles of the seventy of Silvanus and Strength (Silos) and St. John the Warrior.

Silvanus, and Power: the life story of a Holy

After the Council of the apostles in 51 year in Jerusalem, Paul and Barnabas were sent to Antioch to explain the Epistle. With them then was the Force who helped Paul in all things. In Corinth, Silas was ordained a Bishop. During its short life, this Saint has performed many miracles.

Силуан и Сила 12 августа: история и традиции христиан

Silvanus was also a disciple of the Apostle Paul. After many years of wandering, he became Bishop of Thessalonica.

Saint John the Warrior lived in the time of the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate, served in his army and was forced to participate in persecution of Christians. However, John was a Christian, so that he always warned his co-religionists about the raids and helped them escape from the dungeons. In addition, Saint was merciful to all people.

Силуан и Сила 12 августа: история и традиции христиан

Silvanus, and Power: the traditions and rituals of Christians

Our ancestors this day paid special attention to rye. So the people said: “the Strength and siluana rye is drunk”; “Sow the rye on the Force — born badly”; “the Power of bread Silit”.

The Slavs believed the Holy Power will throw on animals, plants and people on an unprecedented scale as it takes a lot of strength to Mature and rye to have time to collect and winter sow. Traditionally on this day the Holy Power invested in herbs and roots, especially burdock, magical healing properties.

Силуан и Сила 12 августа: история и традиции христиан

In addition, in Russia, to the Holy Apostle the Power attributed to the truly heroic strength, identifying him with the Slavic pagan God Selebogo, who was a patron of mighty strength, dexterity and endurance.

According to popular belief, this day witches drink milk and die. Evil spirits were attributed to the ability to milk the cows to death.

But if after the meal the witch is asleep, it is impossible to Wake up — then the faithful peasants burned her heels with straw, to all her strength went into the earth. Knowledgeable people have said that after this ceremony, the witch will never touch the cows.

Силуан и Сила 12 августа: история и традиции христиан

At the same time, in St. John the Warrior asked for intercession and consolation all offended and grieved, and in Russia it was decided to pray to this Saint and the return of stolen goods.

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