Season open: 4 ways to distinguish poisonous mushrooms from edible

How not to get in the hospital after zbora mushrooms, read this article

Сезон открыт: 4 способа отличить ядовитые грибы от съедобных

It is time to start picking mushrooms and soon, many Ukrainians begin to walk the forests, gathering their delicious gifts. Because the mushrooms is perfect in every way and very helpful.

But if you are going into the forest, do not forget that not all of them harmless. We have read how not to poison with mushrooms.

Looks like a pale toadstool?

Сезон открыт: 4 способа отличить ядовитые грибы от съедобных

Pale toadstool in the mushroom. From amantina of toxin it contains, no antidote. How to distinguish a toadstool from a mushroom?

At mushroom under the hat must be pink or brown gills, toadstool — white. If you break the mushroom, the color of the flesh of a toadstool will not change, and edible red or yellow.

Look like about mushrooms?

Сезон открыт: 4 способа отличить ядовитые грибы от съедобных

These mushrooms won’t kill you but will cause serious disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

They differ from the real olive or reddish tinge, and the lack of “skirt” on the stem.

Looks like about Fox?

Сезон открыт: 4 способа отличить ядовитые грибы от съедобных

The chanterelles also have poisonous counterparts. They are characterized by intense orange color of the cap and dark brown base legs. Also lieliska has characteristic thickenings close to the cap and has a more slim foot.

Looks like a real devil?

Сезон открыт: 4 способа отличить ядовитые грибы от съедобных

From the white mushroom has a few poisonous “twins”. From them it differs by the colour of the cap, it is white or beige.

From hats to break off a piece, edible color is at fault will not change, and the satanic, it will become blue.

We will remind, on Monday, August 6, it became clear that warnings about the mass poisoning in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev does not stop in the purchase of a street Taco.

So, as of today the number of victims of poisoning Shawarma in Kiev increased to 93 people. About it reports a press-service of the Kiev management of Gospodarevskaya.

In addition, most cases of poisoning recorded in the district of exhibition center, Postal square, Kharkiv metro, subway, Forest and the prospectus Obolonsky, 20-A.

We will remind, on Tuesday, August 8, it was found that chicken meat for Shawarma, which recently in Kiev has poisoned more than 100 people, supplied from the manufacturer of the Zhitomir region.

As reported Znayu bacteria-causative agents of dangerous infectious diseases listeriosis is extremely resistant to cold, which increases the risk of catching an infection from food from the refrigerator.

Also Znayu wrote, in the last few days of inspections after mass poisoning Shawarma in the capital of Ukraine Kiev authorities have identified more than thousands of illegal outlets that sell Shawarma.

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