Pugachev suffered the same problem as Lorak

Diva openly told everything.

Пугачову спіткала та ж біда, що і Лорак

Alla Pugacheva literally repeated the words of Ani Lorak, which she said on the eve of her husband’s infidelity Murata Nalchajian, informs Rus.Media.

Diva, as Lorak admitted that her family has money problems, so she is forced to work a lot.

The actress said that they are ready to sing someone else’s home. She immediately refers to the price tag of 20 to 24 million rubles for a 45-minute or hour-long concert.

“I want to say honestly: I have thought about that since I’m going through such a difficult financial situation, the corporate won’t give up, because this is not a live operation, it is quite another. It’s fun not only for those who, say, walks at this point. It’s fun for me. And if possible, to live a normal life and not go with an outstretched hand, why not?” – she explained.

We will note, Maxim Galkin said earlier, I advised my wife to start again to earn money.

“I have been convinced by Alla: “Go sing, it’s one thing when I speak, and another when you. It’s very different titi-MiCHi!” he said.

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