Oops fans declassified: Vlad Topalov made in the “LC”

Oops поклонники рассекретили: Влад Топалов выступил в "ЛНР"

Beloved TV presenter Regina Todorenko, singer Vlad Topalov sing at a concert in Lugansk.

11 August in the so-called “Luhansk people’s Republic” held a free concert, which was attended by Russian artist Vlad Topalov, Vakhtang and group “5sta Family”.

The event was dedicated to the “day of the Builder” and “sportsman’s day” set by terrorists. As stated by the organizers of the concert, “the event was attended by about 10 thousand spectators”. The concert took place at the Theatre square occupation area of Lugansk.

Oops поклонники рассекретили: Влад Топалов выступил в "ЛНР"

Vlad Topalov made in the “LC”

Later on his page in Instagram Vlad Topalov has published several photos from the concert in Lugansk. However, he did not specify exactly where were, without even geo-tag, although it is usually regularly marks the place where the photo taken.

However, the artist “burned” by his fans, who are under the photos began to write words of gratitude for what he made in Lugansk, and some of them asked when he will come again.

“Thanks for a great speech in Lugansk!!!!” “Thank you, that visited our city. Was very happy when I learned that you have to be in Lugansk, but, unfortunately, circumstances are such that to enjoy your speech failed. Will be very happy if you decide in the future to again visit our city and play for residents of the Republic. I hope You enjoyed your stay with us,” he wrote to fans of the artist.

Oops поклонники рассекретили: Влад Топалов выступил в "ЛНР"

Singer Vlad Topalov

We note that recently Vlad Topalov made an offer hands and hearts of the Ukrainian singer and former presenter of the show heads and Tails Regina Todorenko. Pair long time hid their relationship and tried to hide them from others.

From may 31, 2017 name of Vlad Topalov listed on the website of the center for the study of crime against national security of Ukraine, peace and security of mankind and international legal order Peacemaker.

As it previously appeared on the occupied Ukrainian territories.

Oops поклонники рассекретили: Влад Топалов выступил в "ЛНР"

Vlad Topalov

We will remind, the Russian singer Vlad Topalov admitted his fiancee, TV presenter Regina Todorenko eternal love.

Despite such sincere recognition, users of social networks stay the same. They are strongly opposed to these relations. Fans Todorenko sure she could find a companion better, and the haters of the singer every time remind of its past.

See a video of Vlad Topalov song got:

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