Movies about surviving in improbable circumstances

Each of these movies are worth seeing for everyone.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах

What attracts us in the movies, where a person has to survive in incredibly difficult conditions, to fight with nature to give everything to the end to save his life? Most often, it’s all about the main character, with which we unconsciously associate yourself. Courage, endurance, fortitude — isn’t it nice to know that you will be capable of more if circumstances really make? Before you ten powerful films about survival in extremely harsh conditions, each of which is able to awaken the courage within each of us, informs Rus.Media.

The Legend Of Hugh Glass

Great movie that brought Leonardo DiCaprio long-awaited “Oscar”. Is waiting experienced by the viewer: the battle with the Indians, fight one on one with a bear, cowardly betrayal and, oddly enough, happy end.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах


On the way to the top of the highest mountain in the world killed many brave climbers. This is the story of a group collected by instructor Rob Hall, who went to conquer Everest. Will they be able to go back?

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах


Perhaps one of the best science fiction films of recent time. Biologist mark Watn (Matt Damon) is forced to single-handedly survive on Mars. Very beautiful picture of a man who refused to surrender even in the most difficult circumstances.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах

Cloverfield, 10

On the way home the girl gets in a terrible accident, but that’s only the beginning. She opens her eyes in the basement, a strange man who insists that the world outside the concrete bunker were killed. A dangerous lunatic or a real Savior? The ending of the film you may be surprised.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах


Dear scenery — is not a mandatory condition for a successful film. The story “Broke” — the story of the confrontation servers that was trapped on a small rocks. To fight for her life she will have with a great white shark.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах

There will always be the hope

Complex, strict and at the same time very romantic movie. The main character single-handedly conquer the Indian ocean, but falls into a violent storm. The confrontation of a man and the rampant sea.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах

Buried alive

And this film is contraindicated for those who suffer from claustrophobia. An American soldier is ambushed and loses consciousness. He would Wake up already in the coffin… Hard, but very interesting film.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах

I am legend

From the original book by Richard Matheson directed left only the outline. “I am legend”, despite the huge number of inconsistencies, seems a perfect movie about survival in difficult conditions.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах

The day after tomorrow

The film’s Director decided to show what can be done with our world global warming. An environmental catastrophe destroys all life on the planet, and the main character goes to new York, hoping to find his son.

Фільми про виживання у неймовірних умовах

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