Meteoric Shower Of The Perseids. From 12 to 13 August, the Ukrainians will see the peak of the most spectacular meteor shower

Starfall Perseid in the night from 12 to 13 August in Ukraine can be seen with the naked eye.

Зорепад Персеїди. З 12 на 13 серпня українці побачать пік найбільш видовищного метеорного потоку

Tonight in Ukraine you can observe the meteor shower the Perseids. It will last until August 24, but from 12 to 13 August meteor shower will enter its peak. After midnight and until 4am on the night sky will be up to 100 flashes per hour, informs Rus.Media.

We have gathered information about the most brightest star of the year, which can be seen with the naked eye: where and when to watch why it is repeated every year and why the “stars” actually has nothing to do with falling stars.

Meteors or meteorites?

Perseid – a meteor shower made of tiny particles of dust to a pea. The meteor is a light phenomenon. The particles burn up entering the atmosphere, leaving a bright trail that we take a falling star. Meteors can damage spacecraft, satellites. But for objects on the Earth’s surface they are harmless.

A meteorite is a solid cosmic body. Most of them burn up in the atmosphere, but some may reach the Earth’s surface.

The Perseids we see every year from July to late August when the earth passes through the tail of a rather large comet swift-Tuttle, the diameter of which is 26 kilometers. A large number of particles in the tail of such a comet does the Perseid most spectacular and bright “shooting stars”.

Зорепад Персеїди. З 12 на 13 серпня українці побачать пік найбільш видовищного метеорного потоку

How and when to look?

“Shooting stars” will appear almost in all parts of the sky, but most of them can be seen in the constellation of Perseus in the Northern sky. The landmark constellation Cassiopeia, resembling the letter W. In the remarkable 100 flashes. The most intensive period is after midnight and before 4 am.

For observation of suitable open areas of sky, far away from the bright electric lighting, Park, woods, river banks. It is worth remembering that to eyes accustomed to the darkness after the bright electric light, and began to notice details in the starry sky, it will take about 20 minutes.

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