Main causes of road crashes, which can be easily avoided

The problem of careless driving will have to decide for himself.

Головні причини ДТП, яких можна легко уникнути

From minor scratches to serious accident — any road vehicle accident is guaranteed to knock you off track for months. And well, if a collision is not worth much more: the health and even life itself. The problem partially solve insurance, ready to repair the damage in such unfortunate case, informs Rus.Media.

But the problem of careless driving will have to decide for himself. Unfortunately, not only in our country but throughout the world the drivers manage to get into a stupid accident because of their carelessness or re-evaluation of their own efforts. We have collected the ten common causes of accidents that lead to sad results.

Each of them you can try to exclude from their habits, and this has a guaranteed impact on their own safe driving.

Cell phone

The driver’s negligence is one of the main causes of accidents on the road. A cell phone is one of the main culprits of your carelessness. I think using a driving a headset reduces the risk? Nothing of the sort: let your hands free, but in my mind you still on the road. But sending messages at the wheel, the danger level is almost on par with drinking and driving.

Focus on the road

Try to find the right way in an unfamiliar part of the city or region and drive at the same time is difficult even for an experienced driver. Trying to sort out the whirl of traffic signs and be the same turn, you will inevitably lose the attention from the main road. So if you are traveling with a passenger who is able to explain to you where and where to turn, stop for a moment at the curb and decide on the map or GPS device where you keep on going.

Severe fatigue

How many terrible accidents happening in the world through what the man behind the wheel unwittingly dozed off. Fight fatigue help or a full eight hours of sleep before you travel or short breaks during the trip. Even podras 15-20 minutes in the back seat, you will feel better and will be able to continue without risking through own songlist crash your vehicle.

Slippery slope

Accustomed to the dry and Sunny season, it’s very easy to forget about the rules of driving on wet pavement. Braking – the cause of most accidents in wet weather, when the driver is unable to correctly estimate the braking distance due to bad grip. As a result, common in winter and in the rainy season becomes a rear impact. As soon as it starts to drizzle, immediately reduce the speed and increase the distance to ahead going car.

Failure of systems

Most of the consumers treat their cars like a toaster, until irreparable happens. It is extremely important from time to time to carry out diagnostics of all elements of active safety, i.e., brakes, tires, suspension, steering and electronic brake force distribution.

Only one hand on the steering wheel

Despite the fact that in the SDA, this has not spelled out, simple logic might tell you that steering with one hand is dangerous emergency. When control is lost, say, when hitting a bump or hole, the wheel will spontaneously turn and your car suddenly, you and others will dramatically change the direction of motion. Keep both hands on the steering wheel in the standard position “9-3” and “10-2” to fully control the steering wheel.


To operate the machine at high speed on the order of magnitude heavier, and the reaction of the driver supposed to be just lightning. What is already talking about how much increases the wear of many vehicle parts, including tires, for speeds above 100 km/h. unfortunately, these arguments do not convince speeders who risk not only their own but other people’s lives.

Not stick out beyond the dead zone

The term “blind zone” describes invisible to the driver while driving region of space. But if it’s invisible, you need to be prepared for the fact that you collision course someone can pop up or leave. For example, when you overtake at the intersection of the bus to avoid the sad consequences, just during these maneuvers to reduce to reasonable limits the speed and control the surrounding space, leaving a blind area.


Make it a rule before each trip to adjust the rear view mirror. Salon mirror is configured correctly, if you look at it, you fully see the rear window of the car. To be able to correctly assess the distance to the neighboring vehicle in the side mirror, you must configure it so that it was visible the edge of the rear wing of your car. This position of the mirror completely eliminates blind spots behind the car that allows you to fully control your maneuvers.

Turn signals

The turn signal warns anyone behind you or ahead of you the driver of your maneuvers. It is essential to include a turn signal during a failed overtaking when the only possible way to avoid the catastrophe a turn on a counter roadside. The turn signal will warn the next car on your maneuver, allowing to avoid collision a forehead in a forehead.

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