Lovelace DiCaprio got a new girlfriend

New contenders for the title of the best couple of Hollywood

Ловелас ДиКаприо обзавелся новой подружкой

As you know, Leonardo DiCaprio continues to enjoy his luxurious girlfriend on a yacht in Italy.

Lovers whose families are friends for a long time, could not hide the feelings to each other.

Ловелас ДиКаприо обзавелся новой подружкой

As they say in the media, Lucy the daughter of Saul, wife of actor al Pacino and star of “the wolf of wall street” have been Dating for a few months.

In addition, the couple was spotted together at the celebration of the birthday of Ellen DeGeneres in Los Angeles, at Coachella music festival and at a concert of Eminem. They also went on holiday with a friend DiCaprio, actor Tobey Maguire in January.

Ловелас ДиКаприо обзавелся новой подружкой

By the way, the famous Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk often puts the pictures in his microblog in Instagram. Naturally, she often brags there with my family: husband Aslan and son Tabriz. Recently, the Ukrainian singer pleased fans with photos of his younger two year old son, who immediately won their hearts.

“Hello! I listen to you! Yes, you the producer says Iryna Bilyk!” – signed a publishing star.

Ловелас ДиКаприо обзавелся новой подружкой

Fans immediately showered the boy with compliments.

“Sweet”, “Great mom and producer. Handsome”, “What a cute baby”, “Beloved”, “Beautiful”, “dad’s copy!”, “How cute the groom growing up,” “Angel!”, “He’s handsome”, “pretty baby”, “Pretty girl, what lovely eyes krasivoye!”, What pretty, little , just a little angel. Let it grow healthy and successful. He’s got one….. with such talented parents,” “a Very beautiful baby, I think grows more and talented”, “so Many years of was worth, that this angel has now been with you your whole life! His health and You and your husband for many years”, “What a nice kid. May God protects him. And parents of creative achievements and all the best!”, – he wrote to fans in the comments.

Recall the famous cowboy romance “Brokeback mountain” was supposed to be a completely different cast of actors. Director Gus van Sant, who was to act as the Director of the film “Brokeback mountain”, talked about the failure with the casting for the main roles. According to the filmmaker, he maintained his version of the film, writes IndieWire.

As reported Znayu Western media reported that the eternal bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio is going to marry 21-year-old Camille Morrone.

Also Znayu wrote that Hollywood actor, best known for her role in the film “Gladiator” Russell Crowe, who is already 54 years old, was struck by its fans with a stout figure and a very aged person. The star of “Gladiator” was walking with his assistant in the Park London, what attracted considerable attention. This is reported in The Daily Mail.

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