Love lasts three years: the unexpected divorce of stars-2018

But these pairs were considered the most strong and happy

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

We see them on magazine covers and in TV programs, family stars look so happy, it’s like they live in a parallel universe. The life of a celebrity seems perfect, but it is not, they just fall, in the same quarrel, make peace, and even break up.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

One of the most beautiful pairs of today stunned its fans with news about the divorce. Novel Jenna and Channing began in 2006 on the set of the film “Step up”. Dewan and Tatum not only played lovers on screen, but also suffered their feelings outside of the set. And three years later the actors got married and since then were inseparable.

“The basis of our decision there are no secrets or salacious events – just two best friends understand that it’s time to help each other to live a joyful, full of life. We are still family and will always be devoted parents to Everly” wrote Channing and Jenna in their accounts in Instagram.

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux

Personal life the actress is surrounded by a close scrutiny of the press from the time of her marriage to brad pitt. Fans sincerely sympathize and empathize aniston: on the background of the fatal beauty Jolie Jenn just looked poor lamb. And here, seemingly, personal life, ex-lover pitt has finally happened. In 2015, Jennifer got married to partner Justin Theroux. Unfortunately, these relationships were short-lived. In February this year the couple announced the breakup.

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

Bortech Alexander and Vyacheslav Vorontsov (Mezza)

The divorce of the actress became the present sensation, after all, few people knew Sasha at all been married. Husband 23-year-old Bortech was the rapper Vyacheslav Vorontsov, known as Mezza. The lovers met about two years ago and secretly got married. What was the decision to divorce, the former spouses do not comment. It is only known that the initiator of the divorce became Bortech.

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki

Another strong Hollywood couple released an official statement about their breakup, in which he told fans about his decision to leave. The couple lived together for 20 years, 13 of which they were related by marriage. The personal life of the actress and musician has always been shrouded in mystery. At Silverstone and Jarecki have a six year old son Bear Blu.

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

Jennie Garth and Dave Abrams

Rumors of a rift in the star of the family appeared in the autumn of last year. Then Jenny and Dave took a break in the relationship and began to work on preserving the marriage, but, apparently, this solution did not bring the expected result, and the couple still filed for divorce. Roman Abrams and Garth developed quite rapidly. Lovers meet in 2014, in March 2015 announced their engagement, and in July got married.

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

Sergey and Matilda Shnurova

The leader of group “Leningrad”, despite his flamboyant image earned reputation of exemplary family man, and his marriage to the ballerina Matilda was considered one of the highest in the Russian show business. But in may this year, Shnurov has published in his Instagram post read: “With great regret, but by love and gratitude to each other, preventing all sorts of speculation and rumors, we with Matilda to announce that decided to divorce. Request to all media not to violate our personal space. Thank you.”

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Dmitry Yampolsky

Personal life the actress was closely guarded from prying eyes and especially from the press. But in March this year, the media has leaked information about divorce Dapkunaite with restaurateur Dmitry Yampolsky. The Union of lovers was signed 5 years ago in the UK and kept in the strictest confidence.

Любовь живет три года: самые неожиданные разводы звезд-2018

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