Little trick: to have flowers in the house bloomed lush and long!

The plants bloomed profusely, gardeners recommend during budding to feed them.

Маленька хитрість: щоб квіти в будинку цвіли пишно і довго!

And mosop your favorite flower bloomed like the flower shop, remember? So I almost forgot. Like feed her, but she did not pleased with lush blooms, informs Rus.Media.

I recently went to visit a friend, and her flowers was a miracle, all in bloom, as the selection. How so? There is one little trick, to the flower bloomed luxuriantly long and required special feeding. The secret of its simple and affordable. Share, and let your flowers make you happy.

The plants bloomed more beautiful and more magnificent, gardeners recommend during budding to make dressing. One of these supplements is castor oil, which becomes lush and flowering longer, but the flower heads get big and get more saturated color.


Liter bottle filled with settled water at room temperature and add 1 tsp of castor oil.

Next, cap tightly and thoroughly shake the contents.

Castor oil has rosmaita on fines and it is good to mix with water, so as not to burn the roots of plants.

Immediately after shaking, while castor oil has not risen, pour the flowers.

If the plant blooms once a year, only one such feeding. If the plant blooms constantly, then feed them castor oil every month.

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