Japan created realistic Android with a child’s face. Video

В Японии создали реалистичного андроида с лицом ребенка. Видео

Hiroshi Ishiguro has shown a robot that copies the facial expressions of the personIn Japan famous realistic androids Hiroshi Ishiguro has unveiled a new robot that looks like a ten year old boy and copies facial expressions of the person. This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to ЛІГА.net

According to the report, a new project developer was named Ibuki. It is equipped with a pair of hands and a wheeled platform for asymmetric wheels, so the robot is in motion sways a bit, simulating how the human body moves when walking. Ibuki also makes “involuntary” movement that adds realism – it flickers a bit and moves her head and eyes.

Hiroshi Ishiguro Professor of Osaka University, one of the most famous of enthusiasts in this area who participated in the creation of several humanoid robots and even made the Android copy.

Not many undertake the creation of such androids and winodow because realistically reproduce human facial expressions on face robot is quite difficult technically and expensive, so long as they do not find commercial application, the portal says.

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