In the US, the man molested the bison. Video

В США мужчина приставал к бизону. Видео

Police became interested in the inadequate man.

The footage shows how the man portraying the Matador teases a Buffalo, roaring and waving his arms. The animal repeatedly rushed to the strange visitor, imitating the blow horns, but then turned around and left.

Representatives of Yellowstone national Park called human behavior illegal and dangerous, not only for his life, but near the car people.

The police saw the video, got interested in the inadequate man and found that he repeatedly came into their field of vision. The last time Raymond Reinke was arrested in July for drunk and rowdy behavior in a national Park Grand Teton.

He spent a night in jail and was released on bail. It seems that this time the “fan” of wildlife to see animals will have soon.

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