In the Polish city of all police officers put in the hospital because they are tired

The police did not cope with the workload when their colleagues were on vacation.

У польському місті всіх поліцейських відправили на лікарняний, тому що вони втомилися

In the Polish city of Kamien Pomorski all police officers suddenly went to the hospital. The reason for this was chronic fatigue. On 12 August announced citing data from the police Union, informs Rus.Media.

We are talking about a small town with a population of about nine thousand people. A similar situation occurred in the city of Szczecin, where in one of the sections on sick leave were all law enforcement officers, and the other 70 percent of the total composition.

Health problems in police officers was started in connection with the summer period. Many staff went on the planned vacation, and their colleagues is simply not cope with the large amount of work.

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