In Kharkiv police car flew into the ambulance. Video

В Харькове авто полицейских влетело в скорую помощь. Видео

The accident happened on the night of the crossroads

In Kharkov in the dark on the street Verinsky car patrol police rammed the car of ambulance. The corresponding video was published by the community of Kharkov LIVE in Facebook, writes the with reference for Today.

The footage shows that police car at the intersection, drove into the left wing of the ambulance.

We will remind, near Kiev, Petropavlivs’ka borshchahivka was an unusual road accident: the car of patrol service of police fell into the river Nyvka. The car was in the water during a pursuit of a moped. Later it became known that this killed policeman Andrei Stoica, who has passed the Maidan and Ilovaysk.

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