In Japan have created Android, similar to 10-year-old boy

The face of a child, emotions of a living person.

У Японії створили андроїд, схожого на 10-річного хлопчика

The “father” of the child-robot is the world famous Professor Chios Ishiguro with Ozerskogo University, his creation he named after a character in a comic book anime, popular in his homeland. Users of social networks met the “baby” is ambiguous, informs Rus.Media.

Specialist in robotics, Ishiguro Chios with Ozerskogo University showed his new work – one of the top face 10-year-old child, who’s good at imitating human emotion.

“The boy was given the name in honor of the hero of anime “Ibuki”. The course of the person he mimics, but doesn’t move his feet, and with the help of wheels. But gesturing with almost human hands. This is not the first such work of Professor Ishiguro, he became famous throughout the world as the Creator of the androids. Every time his creations appear more plausible. However, in this field he has almost no competition – not so many companies in the world engaged in such developments. This is due to the fact that robotology have not found wide commercial use.

The Network published a colorful video about the work of Ibuka, however, the users met his “birth” is ambiguous. Many was just shocked by the resemblance of the Android with a human being.

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