If the child knows the answers to these 16 questions, nothing will happen!

Save this list and share them with other parents — let’s work together to keep their children safe!

Якщо дитина знає відповіді на ці 16 питаннь, з нею нічого не трапиться!

Children’s safety is one of the most important issues of concern to any parent. If you want to be sure that your child does not fall in any dangerous situation in advance to teach a child the rules of conduct, informs Rus.Media.

Ask her such questions. It is possible that the responses of the child will be a surprise to you.

1. What to do if parents aren’t home, and someone tries to open the door?

2. Will you take candy from strange women?

3. What if from the outlet of the smoke went out, and none of the adults are not at home?

4. Unfamiliar adult asks you for help. Will you help him?

5. What to do if you are attacked by a pack of dogs?

6. Or you go to visit a peer, with whom you just met?

7. What if you felt in the house the smell of gas?

8. If you’re waiting for a lift and came up to you strangers, you go with them?

9. What should you do if you noticed that after you watch?

10. Who can open the door when you’re home alone?

11. What will you do if a stranger grabbed you and not let go?

12. What would you do if you get lost in the crowd?

13. What will you do if you are outdoors during a thunderstorm?

14. What will you do if someone online is threatening you or your loved ones?

15. You were invited to play on the frozen river. Will you go?

16. Is it possible to take from the medicine Cabinet, when parents are not home?

And here are the correct answers:

1. You need to immediately call the parents and then the police (102) or the rescue service (112). During this time parents will be able to warn the neighbors by phone, and the child will assist.

2. From strangers to take food, toys and other things impossible in any case!

3. In case of fire or risk of fire/gas leak you need to quickly leave the apartment and dial the number of the fire service (101), rescue service (112) or gas service (104). Independently to extinguish a fire is strictly prohibited!

4. When a person needs help, first and foremost appeal to adults. So if a stranger asks for help, he should answer with a categorical refusal. And you need to answer quickly and immediately go.

5. In animals the main thing – to remain calm and not to provoke them to aggression. You can distract the dog with any object type hats, umbrellas, etc. you Need to gradually move away and not see the dogs eyes and not turning your back on them.

6. Walk-in guests to unfamiliar people, even peers, it is impossible in any case.

7. Call in rescue service (112) or gas service (104). Teach your child not to be shy and not to panic – better false alarm than an explosion.

8. On the offer to go in the Elevator with strangers, you need to answer an unequivocal failure. Teach your child in such a situation to answer that he is waiting for parents who’ll be here any minute.

9. You need to go to a public place (supermarket, hairdressers, cafes, etc.) and from there to call my parents and report on surveillance.

10. Strangers to open the door is strictly prohibited! This applies to all strangers, regardless of gender and age.

11. You need to attract people’s attention. You can scream and fight. You can also hit the machines that are close by – maybe the alarm went off.

12. In this case, you should remain calm. The crowd should gradually shift to the edge but not trying to go against the flow of people.

13. You should find a safe shelter. This can be a nearest store or entrance. Need to stay away from bodies of water, metal structures and tall trees.

14. About threats of any nature should immediately inform parents or police.

15. To skate on a frozen pond without parents is strictly prohibited – exceptions can not be!

16. The child understood the consequences, she should explain the danger of drugs. Take a first aid kit and use unfamiliar medications in the absence of parents it is impossible.

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