“I went through hell”: beyoncé open up with the fans

Jay helped Beyonce to get in shape after having children

"Я прошла через ад": Бейонсе разоткровенничалась с фанатами

In September, the famous pop diva Beyonce will grace the cover of American Vogue. In the pictures the singer is portrayed without makeup, in a white dress and with a huge “hat” of flowers on her head.

Also Beyonce gave a Frank interview with Vogue magazine, in which he spoke about the most difficult periods in his life, during which she, in her own words, felt the closeness of death, but survived.

"Я прошла через ад": Бейонсе разоткровенничалась с фанатами

As you know, a year ago, Beyonce gave birth to twins. The whole world admired her, and she was always smiling and even gave concerts, being pregnant. Singer to the last concealed his position. The birth of twins was a surprise even for the most devoted fans of the Queen of R & B. However, at a late period, her health condition deteriorated.

“I weighed almost 100 kilograms in the day when the light appeared, Rumi and Sir. I have had edema due to toxemia. My health and the health of the twins was threatened, so I had to do an emergency C-section,” – said Beyonce.

"Я прошла через ад": Бейонсе разоткровенничалась с фанатами

After that the singer and her kids spent a month in ICU, where doctors fought for their lives. Note that this year star and her family celebrated the first birthday of Rumi, and Sir.

While Beyonce openly talked about cheating Jay Z. So, she confirmed that the rapper was unfaithful to her, despite 10 years of marriage.

“I went through hell and back, and I’m grateful for each scar,” admitted the singer.

At the same time she did not roll her husband scandals and to wash dirty linen in public. It was painful and sad, but she found the strength to forgive… Besides, in the words of Jay Z, the emotions that have accumulated, they expressed in a joint work.

"Я прошла через ад": Бейонсе разоткровенничалась с фанатами

So, Jay helped Beyonce to get in shape after having children. She admitted that she is still not a flat stomach, but she didn’t care so much now.

“I have a little belly left after pregnancy, but I’m in no hurry to get rid of it. I think it’s normal. As soon as I’m ready, I’ll start to give everything in training,” said the singer.

Recall that Beyonce, who along with her husband Jay Z is on a concert tour On the Run II, fell into the embarrassing situation during a speech in Warsaw.

As reported by the portal Znayu, Obama and his wife showed how it should be done at a beyoncé concert.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the leader by quantity of nominations music awards Video Music Awards were Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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