How to repel a pack of dogs

First of all, you need to avoid areas where live dog pack.

Як дати відсіч зграї собак

As you know, countless homeless animals, the number of which nobody controls, was due to the absolute indifference to this issue. Stray packs of dogs absolutely feel comfortable in the conditions of modern cities, becoming an integral part of their ecological environment, informs Rus.Media.

Current actions of the government at the moment is practically ineffective. Therefore, the threat of a collision with a flock of homeless animals no one is immune. And everyone should know at least a minimum number of rules with which you can avoid the attack or even to fight back.

Enemy territory

First, you need to avoid territories occupied dog pack. Most often these places are industrial zones, ports, landfills, and vacant lots. If you accidentally got caught, you probably will have to wait. Without running away and not returning dosepak back, leave their possessions.

Don’t show the back

Aggressive dogs must always be in sight. With his back turned, you awaken in them the instinct of the hunter and provoke them to attack. Keep calm, holding back fear, don’t wave hands and shout aimlessly. The position can save the umbrella is open it dramatically.


If the dogs for a long time do not dare to attack, is to see their reaction. Here the main thing not the voice trembled. Sleek, sharp command such as “foo!” and “walk!” can cool the ardor of the dogs, even if they are not accustomed to this team. Effective it may be the shout of “Cat!”. Hearing him, the pack may lose interest in you and seek a more interesting object.

To pay off

Another option is to feed dogs, if you have food, of course. No sudden movements to throw a piece of food, preferably a little to the side from the collision. Wait until the dog will pay attention to the proposed, and then slowly and not turning your back on them, move away.

Self defense

When all else fails, come to the aid of remedies. The most effective means there will be a gas aerosol spray. It must be pepper. The cartridges of the other type can be just as ineffective. Releasing a cloud of pepper spray, you will most likely solve the problem this time.

Safe place

If none of these options are not suitable, we can only get somewhere higher (fence, tree, fire escape) where the dogs can’t get to you. Call MOE. If the pack does not lose interest in you prior to their arrival, rescuers definitely will save you. Importantly, just describe to them what they will have to face.

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