How to rejuvenate a shrub of black currant and improve crop

To rejuvenate the Bush of black currant and improve the harvest need to do a major trim.

Як омолодити кущ чорної смородини і поліпшити урожай

Do not rush to dispose of old currant bushes and gooseberry. To uproot them is a difficult job simply to rejuvenate. Rejuvenation of the bushes of a black currant can be carried out in autumn and spring. Running in the bushes usually a lot of old branches, which almost give the crop to germinate, and young enough, and they formed mainly on vovchko, informs Rus.Media.

To rejuvenate the Bush of black currant and improve the harvest need to do a major trim. For zero regrowth shoots (they come from the underground part of the stem) cut out mesoplodon branches of different ages. First of all cut broken, shaded the bottom, lying on the ground and are inside the Bush. Remove all weak annual shoots. Of strong leave no more than 2-3 to replace the old, to be deleted.

If the strong null-no shoots, conduct thinning in different parts of the Bush where it is desirable to cause growth of zero sprouts, cut an additional 2-3 strong, but the old branch.

Do not remove in one year all the old unproductive branches. Cut them in 2-3 years, replacing the new one, formed from zero and, in extreme cases, volchkovich shoots. Have left the old branches, cut the ends to the stronger side branches on the old wood to enhance the growth of branches and increase the size of berries. Strong annual zero shoots and tops cut to areas of growth and fruiting.

If zero shoots do not grow, it is necessary next year, but one or two branches, cut and tops encountered in the lower parts of the old branches that should be deleted only in the following year.

Similarly, in 3-4 years you can bring in the Bush the ratio of branches of different ages to normal, then continue the pruning by these rules.

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