How to capitalize on the deception of tourists in different countries of the world

Be careful and keep your notes to yourself until peruvia product.

Як наживаються на обмані туристів у різних країнах світу

A lot of people go abroad to buy exclusive stuff at a low price and often such people become victims of unscrupulous merchants. In those countries where tourism is well developed industry, unscrupulous traders in pursuit of easy money prey on naive tourists. Fraudsters who under the guise of branded clothes or these jewels offer a knockoff, the price of which is ten or more times lower than requested. To avoid becoming easy prey for enterprising traders we will discuss the most common ways of cheating tourists in different countries of the world, informs Rus.Media.


China – the birthplace of fakes that roam around the world, so if you do not advocate buying replicas, be careful. Often tourists are offered a fake pearls and silk. However, identify fraud is not difficult: look closely at the pearl drilled hole (seen at the edges of what is hidden under the cover), throw a gem on the table (natural bounce like a ball), take in hands, and carefully consider (artificial perfectly smooth, a real little uneven and always cool). Similarly, it is easy to distinguish and rayon. To do this, locate on the edge of the product thread, which can be cut, and burn. Rayon will melt and smell chemistry and natural can be rubbed in the fingers, and smelling it will be burnt wool. If you are not allowed to perform this experiment, go to another store. When buying fruit, vegetables or tea, remember that the price of the weight goods in China usually do not indicate per kilogram and per pound – you try to cheat, because simply in this country so accepted.

Singapore and Hong Kong

In these countries, our tourists love to buy different expensive equipment: cameras, computers, tablets. Be careful: sometimes people at home discover that in the box were a completely different thing. There are other options of deception: the street comes up to you man and asks what you are looking for. When you tell him, he says that in his shop (it can be in two steps) this product is sold at a very good price. In store demonstratively send someone from the staff to the warehouse, and in the meantime take money or rolled card. While supplies last, “carry”, you start to tell that nothing you decide to buy this model, it is much better to stay on top of each other and for a very reasonable price. The proposed model, as a rule, do not demand, and you can get it at inflated prices. “Man warehouse” can wait forever, because of what you ordered in the store there. You just try to give the stale goods in the hope that you get tired of waiting, and you will agree (especially because the money is already with the seller). Therefore, in any case, do not part with cash until I see the right thing with my own eyes, and then not let her out of your hands!


From Thailand many who want to bring jewelry with precious stones. On the street you often offer cheap to buy on a scattering of rubies and sapphires. By the way, they can be fake and real – you can decide to play this roulette. Just remember that the export of rough gemstones is prohibited. Want guarantees, contact the major centers in the factories, there is a possibility that you will be deceived less. But, unfortunately, in extremely rare cases, when the stones purchased certificates were fake. Apparently, the sellers expect that foreigners will not come again.


Thriving trade in precious stones and in India, and sellers are willing to do anything to you bought a fake. For example, even in your hotel you can waylay trader and confidentially ask to carry across the border scattering stones, explaining that he has exhausted its limit. And first you have to pay for the goods, and then abroad, you have them, allegedly, to buy his partner at a better price. Do I need to explain that upon arrival you will meet no one, and, turning to the jewelers, you will find that I took a handful of glass.

All Of Asia

In Asian stores, try to always carry small change money, because the delivery from the seller is likely not there. Of course, he will send the helper to change your bill, but you will not see it – you’re not willing to wait a few hours. If you happened to such trouble, say go to the police, and deliberately start getting a room – renting, as a rule, immediately is.


In Egypt can deceive at every step, so relax in this country should not never and nowhere. If you want to please family and friends one of the most popular Souvenirs – this papyrus, in any case do not listen to taxi drivers and various street helpers who recommend “best shop in town, where very cheap” – there you probably slipped a fake. Go to a specialty store and make sure that you issued the certificate (it may be necessary for customs clearance). Note that papyrus is less than 10-15 dollars worth can not, all that cheaper is not worth your attention.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic although it is in Europe, but there are cheating our brother-tourist, no less than in Asia. So, you need to carefully check the receipt if you score in the supermarket a lot of products. As in our stores where you may well break through 10 bottles of beer instead of eight, or the right amount, but at the price of more expensive varieties. Often, the check can detect the products you did not buy, but sometimes counting on the inattentive buyer is 1.55 euros 15,5 punch (if a buyer notices, you can tell that the cashier was tired and made a mistake).


If you have never smoked cigars and anything they don’t understand, chances are that Cuban shop slipped you a bad product for the price the best examples. Do not buy cigars on the street or in cheap shops – they’ll sell substandard or counterfeit. Go to specialty stores, better at tobacco factories. If you buy the piece, ask to the box opened when you (it should be a small rectangular green warranty seal, and in between the layers of cigars – the cedar record, exactly corresponding to the size of the box).

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