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Ось він - секрет, за який можна багато чого віддати

It’s amazing how many useful qualities has the usual vinegar! It adds Shine tiles, mirrors and glass, cleans kitchen faucet from the lime scale, in tandem with baking soda to effectively whiten the sink, informs Rus.Media.

But what happens if you add vinegar in the wash of things? We found 5 reasons that will convince you will certainly pour the vinegar into the washing machine.

1. Vinegar has softening properties, which is especially important to wash things out too hard or dense tissue.

2. Vinegar is a great remedy for removing stains. Treat sweat stains, grease, some fruit vinegar in advance, and then another 50 ml of the dilute compartment in the washing machine.

3. Resolve persistent, difficult odors from clothing, such as the smell of sweat by covering the compartment for rinse 100 ml of vinegar. Happy owners moustached-striped with vinegar can neutralize the mind-blowing scent coming from the clothes after the “incident”. Sometimes only this can save the business from a trash bag!

4. If you regularly you go to the second-hand shops, you probably know how difficult it is to get rid of the peculiar smell of these things… Vinegar and it will help: rinse their clothes after washing as usual.

5. The vinegar will help to get rid of rust stains on clothes. Prepare a paste of vinegar and rock salt and RUB it into the stain. Leave for a few minutes, and then wash the thing normally.

In addition, add in the wash of 9% vinegar good for your washing machine, and the mold will not start, and limescale will not be over!

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