He skated on the ice when he noticed a strange creature. Now he became a hero

What would You do if you saw winter as a huge animal was in trouble?

Він катався по льоду, коли помітив дивну істоту. Тепер він став героєм

Victor Johannes skated across the ice on a frozen lake, suddenly he and his friends noticed something strange. Despite the fact that it was not very close to them, men saw a huge body through a hole on the frozen surface of the lake. It was clear that the animal is trying to escape through a small unfrozen area of the surface, it was a matter of life and death, informs Rus.Media.

They saw moose several times tried to surface, but friends realized that the animal cannot cope. It is obvious that the animal is already tired and cold in cold water. Reindeer – heavy animal, so he did not manage to get out.

“We saw elk a couple of times tried to get out. But he failed,” said Victor. “We had to make the hole bigger to get him out of there”.

Friends began to peck in the direction of the lake shore, hoping that the animal will understand and go that way. Fortunately, the path to the shore was not very long, but still from men took a lot of strength and energy.

Half way clearly shows that the elk has almost exhausted, the animal could only stick his head and body was moving by inertia. But fortunately, the elk was lucky, although it is seen that the body is shaking and barely listen to the owner. But in the end moose is out of the water, barely standing on his wobbly legs.

It is felt that once the moose got out of the water, he felt a surge of strength, and once it was on the ground, legs at once rushed him into the woods, away from the water.

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