Friend pushed that girl with a 20-metre bridge. Video

Подруга столкнула девушку с 20-метрового моста. Видео

Girl when falling heavily hit the water.

Teenagers jumped from the nearly 20-meter bridge over the river Lewis. When it came to 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson, the girl was frightened of heights and he changed his mind. A friend decided to help and pushed a young girl down.

Girl when falling heavily hit the water. She was saved by strangers.

Later doctors ascertained at Jordan Holgerson five broken ribs, injury of the trachea and a collapsed lung.

Mother of high school student believes that her daughter is lucky to be alive. According to her, the girl that pushed Jordan off the bridge is the adult and should be punished for his actions.

Local authorities said that jumping from this bridge is forbidden, but every year there are injured or drown a few people.

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