France is a popular blue wine. Video

Во Франции стало популярным голубое вино. Видео

Currently, this wine is not produced in France, while import from Spain.Consumption of natural wine has become a new trend of summer vacation in the South of France, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

Produce blue wine flowing white wine, most often Chardonnay, through the layer of grape skins that have a natural blue pigment and stained with wine.

To work around constraints that do not involve the use of the label, “blue wine”, in France it is sold under the brand name of Vindigo. Currently it is not produced in France and imported from Spain.

Spain blue wine has been produced in 2016. Now the winemakers of France are ready to adopt the technology, but because of the complex legislative regulation, can not yet to start production.

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