Folk omens on 13 August Evdokimov day before the upcoming assumption of office

Known to this day as the eve before the upcoming assumption of office, which runs from 14 to 27 August.

Народні прикмети на 13 серпня –  Євдокимов день перед наступаючим Успенським постом

Known to this day as the eve before the upcoming assumption of office, which runs from 14 to 27 August. In General, the assumption itself cannot be considered to be post hungry – during this period, a large number of berries, but because the peasants ate quite diverse. Since the post had for the summer, it was possible to diversify the diet of a large number of products. So, people before August 13, ate vegetables, fruits and berries, bake bread from the new harvest. Very popular was the turnip, which was cooked, fried, used as a filling for pies, prepared the brew, the cooked porridge. Was and signs that are important in this day!

On 13 August the Church honors the memory of Evdokim Cappadocians, who lived in Asia Minor in the ninth century. First, he was born in a quite wealthy family, but parents Evdokim were deeply religious people. Not surprisingly, since childhood, he, too, was distinguished by obedience and righteousness. In his youth he resolves to stay celibate and avoids contact with women so that he tries not to look at them. The conversations had been exclusively with her own mother. A good life Evdokim was appreciated by the Emperor, who appointed Evdokim ruler in the territory Harvansh region. I must say that he yevdokim performed its duties in good faith, tried to manage people fairly, care for widows and orphans, were to protect the oppressed. According to legend, a life of chastity Evdokim was pleasing to God, and he called him to heaven at the age of 33 years. After the death of the righteous by the coffin began to occur various miracles, particularly the sick received healing. A few months later, opening the coffin, found the incorrupt relics of the Saint, which smelled, informs Rus.Media.

In the Orthodox Church 13 Aug revered the memory of Evdokim as the patron Saint of home and family. This is largely due to the relations that have formed Evdokim with the parents.

Should 13 Aug necessarily harrow harrow on the Evdokim, which held a special ceremony, which, according to the signs, were made to the field to work on the teeth of the harrow did not break. Continued to work in the orchards. Moreover, on 13 August was just time cucumber, eggplant, zucchini.

Folk omens on 13 Aug

  1. Strong wind by Evdokim – winter will be snowy
  2. Be sure to work in the field August 13 – then the work will succeed
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