Folk omens on 12 August – the Day of St. John the Warrior. Xiling Day and what to do to be healthy, strong and active

12 Aug ripening rye, and if happened so, then the said ear to be strong, and, therefore, can hope for a rich harvest.

Народні прикмети на 12 серпня – День Іоана Воїна. Силин День і що робити, щоб бути здоровим, могутнім і активним

At this time, the ripening blackberries. Common tradition 12 Aug tearing mugs with three different bushes and attach them to the legs, if in this area occur pain. Noted that until 12 August ripening rye, and if happened so, then the said ear to be strong, and, therefore, can hope for a rich harvest, informs Rus.Media.

Said that in Xiling the day even the weak man becomes a hero. Signs testified that it is now necessary to work much to the other days to be healthy, powerful and active. Was held on 12 August various ceremonies to to give powers of man.

In addition, in the Orthodox Church 12 Aug prayer services are held in honor of the saints of Force and Siluan. These apostles were disciples of St. Paul. According to legend, in Jerusalem approximately 51 year held a Council of the apostles, in which Paul and Barnabas were sent to Antioch to explain the message of the Cathedral. Along with them went the Power that was trying to help Paul in all things. So, with the sermons of the apostles visited Cilicia, Syria, Philippi and Macedonia. In Corinth the Force was ordained to the status of Bishop. In his lifetime, he performed many good deeds and miracles. As for Silvanus, he for many years wandered until he became a disciple of the Apostle Paul, who ordained him to the status of the Bishop of Thessalonica. However, scientists are inclined to believe that Silas and Silvanus are the same person, and the similarity of the names. In any case, the holiday had a dual title.

People special attention to August 12 was placed on rye – you can begin sowing. There was a belief, according to which witches drinking the milk today, die. However, they drink so much milk that zadayut cow to death. But when the witch dies, she’ll never rise again.

12 Aug revered the memory of St. John the Warrior, who lived during the reign of the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate. He served in the Imperial army, and therefore should take an active part in the organized persecution of the followers of the Christian faith. However, because Ivan and he believed in Jesus Christ, they tried to warn believers about possible raids and raids, helped them escape from prison. When the Emperor learned about this, that he shut up John in prison, where he was awaiting execution. However, in the year 363, after the death of Emperor John was released. He died, being in his old age, and today relics of St. John are considered to be miraculous. It is customary to pray to John August 12 to ask for justice, if a person is insulted, or she was in sorrow. Also prayers have been asking for the return of stolen. People said, if to serve a public prayer to John, the thief himself will find. And if the offender be wished, and wondered, and who was pointing to the sorcerer, he should swear to his innocence before Ivan the Warrior. And if people lie, signs, Holy will be punished.

Folk omens on August 12

  1. Rainy and windy day – will the rains
  2. Cool and cloudy weather in the next few days will be dry and rain is not expected
  3. Rain is fine, August 12 – expect rainy weather for the next few days
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