Fish with a horse’s head horrified the whole world: photos

Unknown creature found in the Caribbean

Рыба с конской головой повергла в ужас весь мир: фото

The network is widely distributed photo found on the Caribbean fishes, whose head strikingly resembles a horse.

This writes the “news of the planet”.

Internet users write that the fish was definitely the deep-sea and lived at a depth of several kilometers, where you do not get the rays of light. This, to some extent, indicate a rudimentary eye fish, which are unlikely to see something.

Рыба с конской головой повергла в ужас весь мир: фото

About the size of fish is not reported.

If you look at the photo, my eyes immediately catch massive teeth creatures. Most likely, thanks to them, the fish are hunted on large prey.

Many were interested in the fact that the eyes of fish are not planted on the sides and front. Experts say that the strange creature was probably dangerous predator.

It is worth noting that among users there were sane skeptics, confident that this is another “divorce” for the gullible. Users believe that it’s just a doll, to which is attached a tail. And what do you say?

Recently it was also reported that researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) called the fastest creature on the planet. They are trying to determine how his or her body, then to use it in further studies.

Vertebrate animals that are able to develop a high speed, dependent on such proteins as actin and myosin. The latter is one of the main components of the muscle fibers, it is 40 to 60 percent of the total number of proteins in the muscles. However, wormlike creatures Spirostomum ambiguum, reaching a length of only four millimeters, have it needs, and they are able to move with an acceleration of up to two hundred meters per second squared.

To develop such a speed, S. ambiguum reduce the length of your body by 60 percent and then shoot, like a spring. This motion is so fast that is almost imperceptible to the human eye.

We will remind, the Russian scholar Valentin Degtyarev interested in the topic of the mysterious death of skiers. At this point, much debated several versions of the incident at Dyatlov pass in the winter of 1959.

As reported Znaia it became known that NASA has a flight of a UFO. An unidentified object traveled across the expanses of the Solar system near the very bright and large stars.

Also Znayu wrote, in occupied to the Crimea during the excavations of the necropolis of Kyz-Aul archaeologists have discovered a mass grave of people of the time of the Khazar khanate, a medieval state created by the nomadic people – the Khazars.

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