Exercise that will help you quickly go from a negative state

State of control a person only when it is identified with them completely drained.

Вправа, яка допоможе швидко вийти з негативного стану

Sometimes a person finds a state in which he is going to cheat, no particular reason to wind up more and more. For example, a small misdeed of another person can cause a violent reaction and a very long and far-reaching conclusions about her, informs Rus.Media.

Then you have to wonder how such conclusions and, building a chain of reasoning, to understand how they are inadequate, although at the time of “adding” it seemed that they are the truth.

Not to commit follies, it is useful to get out of this negative state, to calm down, relieve tension and impulses to undesirable action to regain control over himself.

It can be not only an aggressive response, but inappropriate obsession, requiring the implementation of, or any negative thoughts that are constantly and vainly circling, draining energy. How to change the situation?

Will help this exercise:

Stand up and imagine that your aggressive, Intrusive or inappropriate now the state also is the place where you are standing. This condition exists in the form of a phantom shaped to your body like a slinky jumpsuit. Imagine it as real as possible, feel it thick enveloping feeling around the body, and then slowly step back.

Clearly imagine that come out of this “jumpsuit”. You went out and are already in another position, and the phantom remains at the same place. Next task is to change the direction of thinking, immediately do something else that is interesting or useful to you, since some time, probably still will occur periodically pulses to be subjected to unwanted thoughts and emotions.

If you switch to them, you will return to a negative obsession and gradually screw themselves again. Usually, after the release of “Romper” comes a significant simplification comes clarity of thought and increases control over the situation.

You can do another thing. For example, take a napkin and imagine how your negative state, all the energy junk roles, and the accompanying thoughts and emotions are transferred to this cloth. Then dispose of wipe and some time willpower to refrain from succumbing to the impulses of negativity.

What’s going on? During exercise the person shifts the position of the assemblage point, it is separated from the previous state, becomes the observer. State of control a person only when it is identified with them completely drained.

Enough to enter a position of observation, as their influence has considerably weakened. Similarly while you perceive the impulses from the impacts of objects such as thoughts or emotions as their own, they can’t defend themselves, they cannot be controlled. But once you realize what is happening to you and around you, immediately you receive the opportunity to choose and have more control over the situation.

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