Ex-husband brought 70 pounds of stuff to pay child support

Why not just do it in protest!

Колишній чоловік приніс 70 кілограмів дрібноти аби сплатити аліменти

The man, a resident of one of the cities in the East of India, paid maintenance to his former wife… coins. Weight of money exceeds seventy pounds!

The story begins in 2014. Then a rich Indian lawyer divorced his wife. And appealed to the court and ordered the former husband to pay her monthly twenty-five thousand rupees in cash. It is about five hundred dollars, informs Rus.Media.

The man didn’t want to pay his ex money and just ignored the court’s decision. Then the woman appealed to a higher authority. Their legal battle lasted several years. In the end, the lawyer was forced to surrender and pay his ex-wife money. But he did so in a highly original way: gather up somewhere over seventy pounds of coins! With difficulty bringing the money into court, the man handed it to his ex-wife.

It should be noted that the joke was not appreciated and intends to sue! According to her ex-husband over her just making fun. However, the lawyer at this time is absolutely confident that nowhere in the law does not specify what denominations of bills or need to pay child support. So from the point of view of Indian law he did the right thing.

By the way, the similar case not so long ago took place in one of the cities of the United States of America. There are people deeply offended by the huge and unjust, in his opinion, taxation, paid twelve thousand dollars in taxes coins to one dollar. They were listed for more than two hours, while building the tax man was taking them on a special car.

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