Cabbage: cabbage should be avoided

“Pekka” is enriched with minerals, which are necessary for health.

Пекінська капуста: які качани слід обходити стороною

Cabbage juicy and tender. She has excellent taste characteristics. Cabbage is often used for salads and other dishes. It can give food a touch of summer freshness, informs Rus.Media.

In the season of Chinese cabbage is becoming the favorite of most Housewives. Her preference for rich taste and tangible benefits to the body.

“Pekka” is enriched with minerals that are essential for maintaining health. In winter it is especially important. Unfortunately, the shelves are often found wilted cabbage.

They find new life thanks to the cunning ploys of unscrupulous sellers. Even large chain shop may not always guarantee the quality. What can we say about the markets and vegetable stalls.

But, if you make the effort and carefully look at the leaves, poor and stale vegetables really detect.

How to choose cabbage

The leaves should not be wet. Vegetables, which all the time are sprayed with water from a spray lose their taste. Their “freshness” is created and maintained artificially.

“Penco” with leaves covered with small brown spots should be avoided. The labels say that a vegetable is rotten. It is harmful for the body.

Big and bright yellow cabbage overdue and lost flavor characteristics. Better to buy a relatively dense heads of medium size.

Bright aroma of cabbage indicates that the cob was grown with the use of growth stimulants that have been subjected to processing before being sent to the store. Smell quality “pence” is virtually absent.

Color Chinese cabbage depends on its grade. It can be pale yellow and bright green. When choosing vegetables, you should rely on saturation, not color in General.

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