Buzova was surrounded by a round sum

While Buzova commented on the incident

Бузову обнесли на круглую сумму

12 August it became known that Peter stole from the apartment of the mother of Olga Buzova on the embankment of Karpovka. The villain climbed to the 5th floor, put the grid and took: 9000 Euro 10000 dollars, jewelry, watches, wallets.

Total amount was 6 199 163 rubles.

While Buzova commented on the incident.

Earlier we wrote that the famous artist, notorious star of the show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova called the richest woman in Russia according to Forbes magazine.

Бузову обнесли на круглую сумму

Journalists have calculated how much earns a scandalous singer and TV presenter. The most stable income now Olga – project “Dom-2”, the position of the presenter Buzova gets 500-600 thousand rubles (200-240 thousand hryvnia) per month, but it is not the biggest source of income.

Previously Know This.Eeyore wrote that the controversial Russian singer and presenter Olga Buzova meets with his art Director Elmir.

Бузову обнесли на круглую сумму

Such rumors provoked a video posted by the star in Instagram. Fans of Olga are sure that a man “loves and adores” her.

Millions of fans follow the Instagram account of Olga Buzova, so every photo and video of the actress does not go unnoticed, and sometimes fans are able to see even what the singer is trying to hide: recently fans found her lover.

Recall His loves in every way to attract attention on the page in Instagram. Thus, recently the celebrity went on holiday, where they showed the bathing suit. Fans thought that the artist is better not to lose weight, and haters are again talking about the size of the breast.

Бузову обнесли на круглую сумму

Olga has been criticized for the lack of voice, affected speech, flat chest. Apparently tired of criticisms, artist, and all turned to the audience backwards, diplomatically assuring in the comments that just enjoys sea Anapa.

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