Builder’s day 2018: history, traditions and superstitions of the holiday

The most interesting facts about the professional holiday of builders

День строителя 2018: история, традиции и приметы праздника

Every year on the second Sunday of September in Ukraine celebrates the professional holiday of builders – the Builder’s Day. This year it falls on August 12.

History of Day of the Builder

The history of this holiday goes back to the times of the Soviet Union. For the first time as a professional holiday of workers of construction industries was noted in the USSR on August 12, 1956. And it was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On the establishment of an annual holiday “day of the Builder”” (on the second Sunday of August) September 6, 1955.

After the collapse of the USSR, the Day of the Builder continue to celebrate the second Sunday of August, the builders of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Professional holiday day of the Builder 2018 will celebrate all those who, one way or another, involved in construction, builders, masons and carpenters, architects and designers, in General, all employees of the construction industry and its veterans. In independent Ukraine the Day of the Builder established by presidential decree in 1993.

День строителя 2018: история, традиции и приметы праздника

The tradition of day of the Builder

Like any holiday, the Day of the Builder has its own traditions. Perhaps the most enjoyable – is the commissioning of new facilities. It is worth noting that many of the traditions established in the beginning of the celebration of Day of the Builder, came to our days: and the award for the feast, and solemn meeting with participation of representatives of the authorities, and just enjoy the party.

Traditionally, this day shall be new objects. In this day held a Grand meeting of builders, birthday concerts for the workers in the sector, with the presentation of state awards the best of them and honoring the builders of the veterans. For example, in Ukraine there is a reward for the “Best Builder”, “merit”, personal award from Minister and many others.

День строителя 2018: история, традиции и приметы праздника

In addition, the Day of the Builder is very unusual traditions. For example, there was the custom of initiation of beginners into the profession. Experienced builders have offered to “young” to take a bite of bread with salt is meant a “peck of salt” to eat, to master their specialty. The next challenge is to hold your hands over the bowl of fire, so you can feel the “burn” of your future work. Well, in the final ritual the new convert, uttered the oath of the Builder. At the same time on his head wore a helmet, which sometimes hit a brick – fortunately, only symbolically.

Signs of the day of the Builder

One of the oldest construction will charm under the first crown of the house. It was believed that the first left under the crown will protect the building from disasters, and its inhabitants will bring prosperity. As a talisman often spoke silver coin, and sometimes grain. From a very exotic options under the frame put the wing of a duck or the head of the rat. Now the rats in the basement, of course, not hidden, but the tradition to celebrate the start of construction left. So, starting a new series of houses, the first plate smash a bottle of champagne – just as when launching ships.

День строителя 2018: история, традиции и приметы праздника

As the Slavs thought that the best day to start the construction of a new home – Tuesday or Thursday. Christianity has imposed on this belief its mark: it is important that the building did not fall on the date of memory of saints and martyrs (and then housing and not to build). Well, better start on the full moon, so the building came out stronger.

It is also important to choose the right place for future construction. Signs is, first, in any case should not be crossing roads (and the happiness was out of the house), the place of someone’s grave or murder (promise death of the owners). In addition, the ancient builders did not like the elder. It was believed that if you build a house next to thickets of this shrub, all subsequent life is bitter.

It is worth noting that the most pleasant for the builders sign when the owners tried to appease them in every way: to treat began before construction and then again in the process several times made a generous feast. It was believed that if the carpenters and stove badly treated, and live in the house built by them will be bad.

День строителя 2018: история, традиции и приметы праздника

The builders under the bridge – this sign is already fairly modern, and not about the houses. She’s probably about liability. After the construction of the bridge worked on the object the builders were going under it and waited for the first passing on the bridge of a train or convoy of vehicles. This meant that the reliability of the design, they are ready to respond in the truest sense of the word head. This “acceptance” of bridges in some places are still alive.

We will remind, on August 12, the world celebrates international youth day 2018. Best congratulations in the verses and postcards.

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