Blood type can tell more about you than you thought. The facts which are amazing!

People with the same blood groups have much in common.

Група крові може розповісти про тебе більше, ніж ти думав. Факти, які вражають!

Blood type is determined by the structure – specific carbohydrates and proteins form different types of blood, informs Rus.Media.

The modern system of the division of blood groups arose in 1900. There are 4 main blood groups, the most common of which is the second.

Be aware of what your group is very important, because if you need a transfusion, you need to be sure of compatibility of your blood type, and the transfused. That’s what the military on the sleeves are made special badges with the number and a plus or a minus, which indicates the RH factor, the passport is also stamped with a special stamp.

It is considered that the blood group historically formed under the influence of various conditions in which lived ancient people.

I group

It is the oldest blood group, which has been preserved since the time of Neanderthals. In those days, people ate mostly food of animal origin, therefore a protein rich meat diet is particularly well suited to people with the blood.

People with I blood type are born leaders and managers. Their unique ability to foresee everything in advance often helps find a way out of uncomfortable situations. Everything would be fine, if not for a certain superficiality of these people and blatant irresponsibility.

This is something that should work, if the person with first blood group wants to be successful. The key to health for the descendants of Neanderthals is movement. The more moves the people with this blood group, the longer she lives.

Men with I blood group is a good lover, love to conquer new women, and never to stop.

Woman with I blood group are insatiable, they have a very active temperament, and they are very jealous.

Group II

II blood group there appeared a little later, when people are already addicted to farming in earnest, and became omnivorous. Therefore people with this blood type feel better with a varied diet.

People with II blood group can easily adapt to any conditions, they are absolutely accommodating. The owners of this group created for communication, find mutual understanding with anyone in minutes and good command of languages.

Often these people have problems with vision and heart, you need to closely monitor liver function. Men with this blood type are shy and loyal, they respect their partners. Woman with II group blood, perfect wife, loyal and understanding, usually very fond of children.

Group III

This group of blood arose when the Earth became colder. The complex transition from heat to cold is reflected in the composition of the blood, the mutation occurred. A distinctive trait of people with third blood group – exceptional patience and even thoroughness.

They can be a great jewelers and surgeons, possess the ability to do well what was never studied. Suffering from diseases of the stomach and infectious diseases affecting the mucous membranes.

Men often change partners, but to a certain point: to meet the one, they settle down and calm down. Women are particularly extravagant, and sense of style in everything, love to dominate and defend their opinion to the last.

Group IV

This is the rare and new blood. She appeared about 1,000 years ago. People with IV blood type have excellent immunity, exhibit a high resistance to diseases that have appeared recently. But they also have vulnerabilities: hearing organs, skin, joints and bones.

Scientists and inventors often have this blood group. Men with IV group of blood – the great seducers, they know what to do to get some attention.

Woman with IV group of blood is very attractive, but very cautious in their contacts.

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