August 12: the main feature of this day

On this day, paid special attention to rye

12 августа: главная особенность этого дня

Sunday, August 12, the Orthodox world celebrates the day of memory of Force and Siluan two apostles of the seventy, the companions of St. Paul.

Silvanus, and Power: the history and traditions of the holiday

According to Church tradition, after 51 years in Jerusalem held a Council of the apostles Paul and Barnabas was sent to Antioch to explain the Epistle. They were the Force that kept Paul in all things. In Corinth, Silas was ordained a Bishop. During its short life, this Saint has performed many miracles.

12 августа: главная особенность этого дня

Silvanus was also a disciple of the Apostle Paul. After many years of wandering, he became Bishop of Thessalonica.

Our ancestors this day paid special attention to rye “In the Power of Silvanus and rye is drunk” — that is, the full grain and leans towards the ground. You can begin planting winter rye: “Sow rye on the Force — born badly”; “the Power of bread Silit”, – said the people.

Also, the Slavs believed that on this holiday people, animals and plants becomes more strength and energy.

It was considered that the exhibit and power of the witches drink the milk and die. Evil spirits were attributed to the ability to milk the cows to death. But if after the meal the witch is asleep, it is impossible to Wake up — then the faithful peasants burned her heels with straw, to all her strength went into the earth. Knowledgeable people have said that after this ceremony, the witch will never touch cattle.

12 августа: главная особенность этого дня

John Warrior: the life story of a Holy

Note that this day is also dedicated to the memory of St. John the Warrior, who lived during the time of the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate, served in his army and was forced to participate in persecution of Christians.

However, John was a Christian, so that he always warned his co-religionists about the raids and helped them escape from the dungeons. In addition, Saint was merciful to all people.

12 августа: главная особенность этого дня

Usually John the Warrior decided to ask for intercession and consolation. In Russia prayed about the return of stolen goods.

People have noted the signs about the weather: if it was cloudy and cool, the rain could not wait. But the strong shimmer of the stars at dawn heralded the imminent and heavy rainfall. If the rain drizzling in the evening, and even in windy weather is to be long the sputum.

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