August 12 – international youth day

For the first time international youth day was celebrated on 12 August 2000.

12 серпня - Міжнародний день молоді

Today, there are almost 3 billion people under the age of 25 years. More than half a billion of them live in poverty. More than 100 million children do not attend school. Every day about 30 thousand children die from poverty. Every day 7 thousand young people are infected with HIV, informs Rus.Media.

UN Secretary-General called on the international community to recognize the interdependence of generations and to solve problems of different ages together, increasing youth awareness about the existing problems, risks and solutions. Each year the events dedicated to the Day of youth (among them – a variety of concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, flash mobs, etc.), pass under the certain motto.

So, topics of the Day were: “Now and in the future: youth action for sustainable development, Youth in society, based on the interaction of the generations,” “Joint fight against poverty: young people and the eradication of poverty”, “Youth and climate change: time to act”, “the Migration of young people – progress towards development,” “Youth and mental health”, “Youth and civic engagement,” “Youth builds peace” and others.

Annually in many countries, there is still the world youth day, and his Days of youth, for which each state has set its date – China, Turkey, Tunisia, Cameroon… And in the former republics of the Soviet Union – Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Ukraine.

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