Aug 12, 2018 – the Day of the worker of veterinary medicine in Ukraine

“Medicine treats, and veterinary medicine protects humanity.”

12 серпня 2018 - День працівника ветеринарної медицини в Україні

Every year on the second Sunday in August, the Ukrainian veterinarians and all those involved in this sphere celebrate their professional holiday – “Day of workers of veterinary medicine”. The status of the official national holiday was relatively recently – in the beginning of the Millennium. November 1, 2001, the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma signed the relevant Decree. According to the official wording, a new professional holiday in Ukraine introduced to mark “a significant contribution of workers of veterinary medicine in ensuring animal welfare, veterinary-sanitary safety of animal products and environmental protection”. In addition, this day is traditionally reminded of the famous expression: “Medicine treats, and veterinary medicine protects humanity”. And this is no coincidence: thanks to the work of veterinarians can prevent epidemics among the cattle, which otherwise could lead to very serious consequences – up to large-scale famine and the spread of dangerous diseases among the people.

In addition to professional holiday on a national scale, the veterinarians of Ukraine can celebrate the international day of the veterinary doctor (it is celebrated at the end of April), and many of them Orthodox day vet. He appeared in the calendar in 2011 falls on August 31 – the day of saints Florus and Laurus, who are considered the patron saints of livestock.

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