Alcohol and the nature of man

The nature of man can be identified by his demeanor in society, and what alcoholic beverages he prefers.

Алкоголь і характер чоловіка

The nature of man can be identified by his demeanor in society, in his style, in his conversation, in his gait, and therefore, what alcoholic beverages he loves, informs Rus.Media.


A man who prefers vodka is a superstitious man who loves flattery. He can make rash acts, to jump from the bridge or buy all the flowers in the shop that would only produce the impression. A man falls in love at first sight and for life, and then quickly and easily forget about my feelings.


Whisky fans are traditionally considered to be strong personalities who do not niggle and firmly go to the goal. Although it is possible that a man can just “adjust” for this stereotype. Similar situation with cognac is a truly masculine drink, which speaks about a strong character and confidence, the willingness to make decisions.

Colorful cocktails

Man who drinks cocktails man flighty, fickle, quickly and easily changing girlfriends, friends, Hobbies, etc. But if that man still prefers the “Bloody Mary” or “Baltimore” to him better take a closer look.

Soft drinks

If a man is indifferent to alcohol, and prefers “healthy drinks” mineral water, juices or tea – before you a man who knows what he wants and not give in to provocations. But if a man rejects the alcohol and shows a sharply negative attitude, it most likely means that he has in the past had problems with alcohol or is not all right to health.


The man who loves beer is a man with a broad mind. The soul of the company. he lives for friends and for friends in any difficult situation is positive aspects and lessons. In their lives these same friends can play a very important role, but it could annoy the woman.


If a man chooses the wine, and thus it is selected with knowledge of the case – means you are an aesthete who knows how to prioritize and enjoy life. On the other hand, often it may be too high opinion of himself, and for the deliberate subtlety of nature can escape the banal emptiness.


Fans of champagne around like statement, but are superficial and “playing the audience”, and they are merry and cheerful, with a man you will not be bored.

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