A married couple from new York through the courts evicted the 30-year-old unemployed son out of the house

Michael Rotondo decided whole life to sit on the neck of the mother and father.

Подружня пара з Нью-Йорка через суд виселила 30-річного безробітного сина з дому

In America, unlike the post-Soviet countries, children in adulthood mainly leave his father’s house. Well, if you live with your parents, then at least work and pay your part for a house or apartment, informs Rus.Media.

But the 30-year-old Michael Rotondo decided to continue to sit on the neck of the father and mother. Eight years ago he left College.

The reason is that to study it “very difficult”. Work he never found. More precisely, the little guy worked at an electronics store. But there he was fired. There was a young man by parents and social security.

Several times mark and Christina, Michael’s parents begged him to find a job and move out from them. But the son still did not react. Reached before that the family had quarreled, and even stopped to chat with each other. The father and mother five times in writing informed the son that he was looking for a new home. But he still ignored all these requests.

Then the parents went to extreme measures. The United States is a legal state, so spouses Rotondo has filed a lawsuit against his own son. The requirement was only one – to move out of their home.

Michael appealed to the Ref that he doesn’t bother anyone. It erases itself, preparing our own as well. And he said that actually he has a very successful business. However, when the judge asked what kind, the younger Rotondo really could not explain.

Подружня пара з Нью-Йорка через суд виселила 30-річного безробітного сина з дому

The parents claimed that the son generally wants to do nothing. Even to make repairs or to clean the house for him an impossible task. Mark and Cristina got tired of feeding adult healthy son. By the way, Michael himself had become a father. However, in the upbringing of the child is not involved.

In front of the house is not the first year is the collapsed car that belongs to the younger Rotondo. Parents kept asking to take it for scrap. But Michael was not the time.

And another son is very offended by the phrase that he even repair was unable to do. He stated that he was not asked about it. Father and mother were even willing to give a few thousand dollars renting an apartment. If only the son had moved.

Ultimately, the court of the state of new-York remained on the side of the parents. He decided Michael to gather their belongings and seek a new home. Mark and Christina decided to sell the big house and buy a small apartment. And the money to spend a peaceful old age.

But the son just not going to give up. The younger Rotondo will appeal. Although it would be better to focus our energies on the job search. Even without experience it is possible to find a job. Of course, if you wish.

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