A bouquet of diseases: what can cause prolonged strain on the legs

Find out what can cause prolonged strain on the legs

Букет из болезней: к чему может привести длительная нагрузка на ноги

Scientists have found that prolonged strain on the feet in the line can lead to stooped posture.

It manifests itself earlier and faster, especially if the back muscles are not the strongest. Moreover, a broken posture seriously affects the internal organs, which can also lead to serious ailments and negative consequences.

Букет из болезней: к чему может привести длительная нагрузка на ноги

Another thing that can wait for you is varicose veins. Immediately followed by heart disease, which are the third disease, which can affect the person.

In addition, the negative impact can also feel the joints, as the fourth problem. And finally, fifth disease can be muscle fatigue, which, in turn, will provoke a lot of diseases.

Букет из болезней: к чему может привести длительная нагрузка на ноги

As for the possibility to live and never to sit down and not lie down – this is unacceptable. A very widely known one case of medical practice, when a man because of the health problems you had all the time to stand or sit. The patient chose the former. However, after a certain time he almost “petrified”.

By the way, bacteria-causative agents of dangerous infectious diseases listeriosis is extremely resistant to cold, which increases the risk of catching an infection from food from the refrigerator.

As told the acting Director of the Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases. Gromashevskogo Konstantin took place, for the resistance to cool temperatures listeriosis is also called “the disease of the fridge.”

“Colleagues from abroad write that up to 30% of the food contained in the fridge: cheese, sausages, vegetables, you can be amazed by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. These good bacteria survive and even multiply at low temperatures,” he said.

It is noted that in the summer at a temperature of 26-32 °C, bacteria can survive in soil for 33 days, and in winter with a temperature of 2-7 °C – 72 days (hay or straw for longer – up to 120 days). In order to destroy Listeria by heat treatment of the products will take from 3 to 5 minutes at a temperature of 100 °C or 30 minutes at 70 °C.

However, it should be noted that Europe has already recorded several deaths from infectious disease listeriosis. Ukraine has already reported one patient. This disease can cause significant harm, it affects the brain and nervous system of the infected.

Букет из болезней: к чему может привести длительная нагрузка на ноги

It is reported that at particular risk are children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Presumably in Ukraine, the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes was in the pack of frozen corn from Hungary. At the moment this product is of Hungarian origin are actively removed from sale in shops of Ukraine.

Cases of listeriosis has previously been recorded in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the UK. It is known at least 10 dead in Europe from this disease.

Recall that in 2018 already 60 people have contracted West Nile fever, 16 of them are in hospitals, 4 in serious condition in intensive care. Reports AFP.

As reported Znayu recent studies indicate that people become increasingly dependent on their smartphones, there is even a name for the fear of being without mobile phone – nomophobia.

Also Znayu wrote about what modern medicine can work miracles with technology, but 100 years ago doctors had a much more difficult. They came up with the most unusual methods of treatment of certain diseases. This inventor was a pediatrician from Slovenia, which regular carrot soup saved the lives of children. Reports Clutch.

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