6 reasons that will convince you not to skip Breakfast

Breakfast — around the head!

6 причин, які переконають вас не пропускати сніданок

No wonder they say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that we can skip dinner but Breakfast should be a compulsory attribute of our morning. Just waking up, many of us are rushing to work virtually on an empty stomach, catching on the go biscuits or a sandwich, but the Breakfast is not really complete, and even more useful. But why is Breakfast so important and why we eat in the morning if we don’t want to do this? And here’s the answers, informs Rus.Media.

Breakfast energizes

If after morning exercises and a cool shower you are still not ready for a productive work day, just have Breakfast. Choose slow carbohydrates that won’t cause a sharp spike in blood sugar, but then start all the processes in the body and will give you enough amount of energy.

Breakfast helps to keep slim

Speaking about the relationship of Breakfast and a slim figure, you should allocate several main aspects. First, a proper Breakfast helps control hunger throughout the day. If you are drawn to fatty foods, Breakfast cereals, for example, buckwheat or oatmeal. If you notice I overeat especially in the evening, try to eat for Breakfast boiled eggs with fresh tomatoes or cucumbers.

The second important benefit of Breakfast is that it affects the rate of metabolism, speeding it up after a night’s sleep. In the morning the body is active and to sustain this activity it is ready to burn calories and a healthy Breakfast allows you to make it even faster.

Breakfast improves memory and concentration

Not having received the morning of the necessary nutrients, the brain will be more difficult to do business and it will work slower than usual. This is especially true for those who the morning gets behind the wheel, after all, to concentrate and to make decisions on the road will be harder, which eventually can cause an accident.

To “turn on” brain perfect porridge or light sandwiches with whole grain bread, the preparation of which takes just minutes. A delicious Breakfast will help you not to forget about the morning business meeting and focus on solving current problems.

Breakfast improves mood and protects against stress

In modern life, where we regularly have to cope with stress, the tradition is to eat Breakfast every morning, pampering yourself with delicious dishes and tea or coffee, will make it easier to resist them. Take at least 10-15 minutes Breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere and tune in for the next day, arrange thoughts and plan the main case. This will relieve stress and make you more confident.

In order to motivate yourself not to skip Breakfast, allow yourself at least once a week to eat in the morning baked goods or just come and see me in a favorite café. Now, almost all catering establishments offer a wide range of tasty and healthy breakfasts at affordable prices. It will definitely get you in the mood for the whole day.

Breakfast enhances immunity

According to numerous studies, the immune system affects the intestinal flora that should be maintained by eating sufficient amounts of fiber and probiotics. Scientists have also established a link between Breakfast as the first meal after an overnight break, and the body’s ability to fight infections. In other words, a proper Breakfast will support the microflora, thus increasing immunity.

Breakfast reduces the risk of high blood pressure

A healthy Breakfast will help to reduce blood pressure, which in turn prevents the formation of stroke, and also improves overall health! In a recent study conducted by the American chemical society, it was found that regular consumption of egg protein is as effective way to reduce high blood pressure, as the intake of conventional medications. So start your day with a delicious omelet and be healthy!

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