6 main principles of nutrition and health

From what and when you eat affects your health and well-being.

6 найголовніших принципів харчування і здоров&#039я

Proper nutrition is one of the foundations of our health. What do you eat? How do you eat? Where do you eat? It is very simply under the influence of stresses, advertising and food pleasures to forget the most important.., informs Rus.Media.

Eat to live, not live to eat

Food – not an end in itself. We dream about something, we set a goal, we are implementing it. First of all, the food should give us strength, energy, vitality, a feeling of lightness. Therefore, it is important to eat right. And most people stuffed in a bunch just harmful. Not surprisingly, then feel bad and heaviness and passivity, and the mountains could not want.

What you eat – the more you are

What’s the truth. If you eat fast food, drink carbonated water and juice more often than water, cook just in the pan with lots of salt and oil, abusing the sweet and flour – you are passive, you are often sleepy, you have no desire to do something truly worthwhile, there is no motivation, you have a weak will power. If you eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, steamed and your diet is quite varied and useful – you are active, vigorous, you don’t feel the heaviness after each meal, and your body thanks you.

As you drink and live

The body just needs pure water. From its quantity depends on the metabolism, complexion, the digestive system, overall health. Remember that tea, juice, juice is not a substitute for water, this fluid is not as useful as water. Man, like a plant – if a little water, it dies if the water is till it blooms.

Hunger – the truth, and appetite is lies

Judge for yourself: when we are hungry, we eat anything (of course, in accordance with our rules and principles). And appetite is means that we want something delicious, I want sweet/salty/chocolate/fish etc. Someone even jammed your stress, lack of love, sadness and other negative feelings. Just because it wants it. We often overeat. Everything happens unconsciously, and it is a burden on the body, from which he suffers.

Drink solid food, and liquid – eat

In the process of digestion interaction of food with saliva is essential for complete digestion. That is why solid food should be chewed as thoroughly as possible. Liquid food is also no need to rush to swallow, but first do a “tasting” of the movements of the tongue and jaw. So the food is better absorbed, and this prevents the feeling of discomfort after eating.

The morning begins in the evening

No need to eat less than 3-4 hours before bedtime. Why is it important? Firstly, food is normally digested and moves into the stomach and intestine when a person is still awake and moving. Secondly, the proposed time of meal before bed is connected with the real speed of digestion of certain foods (food is digested usually 3-6 hours). So if you guys eat late and go to bed soon, it is unlikely that you will feel good. From what and when you eat in the evening affects your morning condition.

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