5 simple ways to make him want to be with you

Get him to want a serious relationship with you.

5 простих способів зробити так, аби він захотів бути тільки з тобою

Men different are experiencing love and relationships. First of all, they need acceptance and respect. How to meet this need of men?

Covet his

A man likes to feel that not only he wants a woman, but the woman wants it. Let him see that he excites you that you appreciate him as a man. And this is not something that begins and ends in the bedroom. When you own your femininity, you can help him to have his courage, and he will feel that you accept him as he is, informs Rus.Media.

Trust him

One of the biggest gifts that we give to the man is our vulnerability and willingness to see and accept it a priori good. Not worth it initially to believe that he was as bad as others. Give him the presumption of innocence. Expect from him is good – it will work on it better than if you tell him what to do.

Give him freedom, let him do what he wants. If you don’t trust him because he’s disappointing you, he’s not your man. But if you don’t trust him because your ex cheated on you – you’re the problem.

Appreciate it

Make sure he knows you appreciate him for all he does for who he is, what his life’s work he chose.

Make him feel superior

When a man can’t do something at work, it can feel like a loser and in relationships. So help him at least feel a winner. Tell him “Thank you” when he tries to do something nice for you. When a man loves you, his biggest win is when you’re satisfied and happy with him.

Respect it

Respect is especially important for men’s self-esteem and well-being. That’s what you have to show by his actions, but so that it was really sincere. An important component of respect is loyalty and devotion. Never put him his point of view, preferences, abilities or interests, either personally or exactly in public. You – the team should support each other.

Plus, for men, the way you dress and present themselves – also a sign how much you respect him. Be a woman he can show others.

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