5 medical ways to use a mix of cinnamon and honey

Before use, consult your doctor.

5 медичних способів використовувати мікс кориці і меду

The combination of honey and cinnamon is great for weight loss, strengthening the protection, rejuvenate the body, enhance libido, and improve the articulating of health, informs Rus.Media.

At the moment you probably have these two ingredients in your kitchen which have a much more important purpose than simple ingredients in your favorite recipes: honey and cinnamon. One is considered as a seasoning, and the other is considered as a sugar substitute.

Did you know that both have strong medicinal properties?

They are excellent for diabetics and also have properties that help to fight cancer.

However, most importantly, when you combine them, is that they become more effective.

Skin treatment

When you combine cinnamon and honey, they are a great tool for your skin. If you have a cut or infection, cinnamon and honey can combat this, while reducing swelling. Just apply the mixture on the affected area.

If you have small pimples or acne, try a completely natural treatment and not to use expensive creams. Antimicrobial agents in honey help to reduce the frequency of these problems.

Problems with blood sugar

Both cinnamon and honey have the ability to reduce blood sugar levels.

Problems in the gut

Honey and cinnamon can help prevent constipation. Honey helps to break down food during digestion. Cinnamon helps to eliminate gases that can form in the stomach.

Struggling with allergens

According to research, honey can help improve the immune system. In addition to helping in the fight against pollen allergies. Cinnamon is also great for the treatment and use against different types of allergies.

Contain a lot of antioxidants

Before using this powerful combination of consult your doctor. To use it simply mix 1 teaspoon honey with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon in a glass of water.

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