3 things you should never do if you want to keep

Don’t try to be a psychologist, and especially to teach husband.

3 речі, які ти ніколи не повинна робити, якщо хочеш зберегти стосунки

Maybe you subconsciously kill your relationship or chances of them? It often happens that our relationship is over, and we women haven’t understand why it happened. This can happen to anyone. Why? Because we may not even mean to stick to one of these three models of behavior that push men away:

You’re acting like his mom

Men enter into a relationship because I want a mistress, not a mother. They are looking for a partner, not the father. As soon as you start over-protection, to try to control his every move, constantly reminding him that he needs to do is push him, informs Rus.Media.

This is a typical scenario in relationships: a woman thinks it has the right to ask where a man comes and with whom, she literally demands that he reported to her. In fact, it is a sign of emotional insecurity and maternal behaviors.

Are you trying to be a psychologist

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. Women are constantly trying to unravel the behavior of men. They try to understand men, maybe even fix them and change. We want to control, even the life of her husband, and it’s awful.

You can’t “fix” her husband. He doesn’t need a psychologist, he doesn’t need your understanding. He needs acceptance.

He needed to he could speak with you without judgment on your part. So he could share something with you, and you’re not trying to tell him what to do. Because you can’t change it. A person can change if he wants it.

So if in the beginning of a relationship when both people try to be perfect, you have something there not happy with and irritating, decide for yourself: you either accept it or leave. Do not think that you will be able to change it by myself.

You are his last shelter

He comes to you only when he need something? He is attentive and kind, only when it wants something? He comes to you only when he has free time – after the friends and their Hobbies? He texts you only at night or when he’s bored?

Do you like it? Do you let him?

Then you just his backup plan, to which he resorts when he is bored or when he needs something. If you think that is a way to keep him or get him to love you because you’re always there and available, you’re wrong.

A man can’t respect you if you don’t respect yourself. How can he love you if you don’t like yourself, do not put yourself first? If he behaves with you, then you’re better off without him. Otherwise it will continue even more to use your kindness.

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