16 unknown facts from the life Ivanka trump, the eldest daughter of the President of the United States

The girl built a beautiful modeling career, but then chose a different path.

16 невідомих фактів з життя Іванки Трамп - старшої дочки Президента США

Ivanka trump is the oldest daughter of Donald trump and the most talented of his children. She could indulge in the most expensive entertainments of this world, but preferred to work up a sweat, increasing the billions earned by trump. She looks like a Hollywood star and is bringing up three children, informs Rus.Media.

Ivanka from childhood accustomed to the attention of the press. In an interview, Ivanka recalled how one day, as a 9-year-old girl near the school caught the journalists and asked: “is It true that Marla maples (second wife trump) stated that trump was the best night of her life?”.

Her favorite toys were diamonds. From early childhood my parents would take Ivanka to social events, and her mother often took my daughter with me to a jewelry store. Expensive jewelry were replaced with girl toys. On this occasion, Ivanka joked: “Diamonds are easy to replace you dolls, if your mother is Melania trump.”

She was a model, but was disappointed in the modeling business. Ivanka growth of 180 centimeters. This allowed the girl to follow in her mother’s footsteps and try yourself on the podium. From the age of 16, she participated in fashion shows, posed for magazines. But soon abandoned the business model for construction, saying that “model – the most vile and malicious girls in the world”.

Donald trump was surprised: “She was a successful model, but done with this thing for the Wharton school of business. Said, “I love real estate” – and all!”.

16 невідомих фактів з життя Іванки Трамп - старшої дочки Президента США

The biggest fan of the beauty Ivanka is her dad. At one show, he surprised the audience by saying that if she wasn’t his daughter, it would be his girlfriend.

At it uneasy character. According to her husband, Wani refers to the behavioral type A people are characterized by the accelerated pace of life; they are for competition; always in a hurry, do not know how to relax and ponder several things at once.

Ivanka converted to Judaism (his Jewish name Yael). She and her husband try to follow Jewish tradition: eat kosher and observe the Sabbath. On Friday evening they shut off the phones, Ivanka preparing dinner with two hot dishes: beef Marsala and spinach Kugel. All day Saturday they are not dealing with any serious cases, walk with the kids and rest. And on Sunday Ivanka is already out on the job.

16 невідомих фактів з життя Іванки Трамп - старшої дочки Президента США

Ivanka has impeccable taste. At work she wears elegant suits and dresses in a classic style.

As for cosmetics, Ivanka uses the means that are accessible to middle-class women. Her favorite concealer – Giorgio armani”s Maestro Fusion Makeup, shade – Chanel eye shadows, blush – Nars. To care for the skin she prefers using cosmetics Natura Bisse.

16 невідомих фактів з життя Іванки Трамп - старшої дочки Президента США

Even without being an expert in cosmetic surgery, it is safe to say that trump did plastic surgery. One need only look at the earlier photos of Ivanka. In his youth, the eldest daughter of the tramp was like a hamster: chubby cheeks, small chin. In addition, the nose girls was imperfect. But if you have money, why not eliminate the minor flaws? Experts say that the woman made at least three operations on her face. Now her chin has become more attractive, the cheeks do not seem full, and the nose looks very graceful.

In 2007, Ivanka went into business, which would envy any girl – she founded a company for the production of jewelry. Later the firm began to produce clothes, shoes and accessories. Ivanka does not hesitate to advertise their products. At all events, even on his wedding, she comes only in jewelry from a private collection. The same applies to shoes. She proudly declares that she has no one pair of shoes other brands!

16 невідомих фактів з життя Іванки Трамп - старшої дочки Президента США

Ivanka with her husband and three children lives in the heart of Manhattan in a 10-room apartment cost $ 16 million. The housing area is 390 square meters. The apartment is quite discreet but impeccable. The apartment has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 of which with Jacuzzi), a cozy study, foyer and dining room. The spacious kitchen is equipped in high-tech style.

The wedding Ivanka trump Jared Kushner a recognized as one of the most luxurious events in history. The event was held at National Golf club in new Jersey. The ceremony was attended by about 500 people. All the guests were given gifts totaling $ 9,000.

16 невідомих фактів з життя Іванки Трамп - старшої дочки Президента США

The highlight of the concert was enchanting 13-tiered cake with a height of 170 cm, decorated with flowers. A highlight of the wedding was of course the bride herself. Ivanka looked beautiful in a lace dress from Vera Wang created based on the wedding dress of grace Kelly. As decorations Ivanka chose a bracelet, earrings and brooch for Bridal veils from a private jewelry collection. Graceful trinkets made of platinum and diamonds, their total value amounts to 265 000$.

16 невідомих фактів з життя Іванки Трамп - старшої дочки Президента США

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, who, like herself, engaged in construction business, calls his wife the “CEO of their family.” Assigns himself the modest role of a Board member. The couple has three children: 5-year-old Arabella, 3 – year-old Joseph and 8-month-old Theodore. All free time devotes Ivanka to their upbringing and education. She is the first person the children see after waking up. Her daughter Arabella plays the piano and with one and a half years studying Chinese language.

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