10 toxic items that should be immediately removed from the house

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10 токсичних предметів, які потрібно негайно прибрати з дому

Ordinary objects turned out to be dangerous for human health. A group of scientists from Harvard University last month conducted a large-scale study, the results of which can be shown on Federal channels. It turns out that the concentration of chemicals and toxic substances in the average home is so that you can forget about health once and for all. Here is a list of the 10 most toxic items to get rid of them the better right now, informs Rus.Media.


Sugar is really white death. Discard it immediately: people who abuse sugar serious risk to get acquainted with Alzheimer’s at a very early age. In addition, sugar stimulates and cancer.

Kitchen plastic

Forget the plastic utensils. Spatulas, special plastic spoons to frying pans – all this is covered with a layer bromophenoxo flame retardant, which make the plastic fireproof.

Chipboard furniture

One of the most common household pollutants is formaldehyde. Furniture made from chipboard (particleboard) contains so much formaldehyde that it is noticeably felt in the air. It seems to us that to breathe it all not worth it.

Plastic bottles

For the production of plastic bottles (and baby too) used toxic substance biphenol A. Excess biphenol leads to the development of prostate cancer. Re-use plastic bottles highly undesirable: when heated, the allocation of biphenol And increased in 7 times.

Air fresheners

A group of scientists from Harvard last year managed to prove that most modern air fresheners are very dangerous to humans. The fact that they contain glycol and terpenes are chemically active substances that have a negative impact on the internal organs.


Flannel cloths, or in other words, oilcloth, and more recently can be found in almost every home. But it is quite a dangerous thing: the cloth contains a lot of lead and other neurotoxic metals. There is also polyvinyl chloride, is recognized as a strong carcinogen.


Try to find a different protection against insects. Well mothballs repel moths, but they contain pesticides, which are harmful to our body. Of course, to severe poisoning a couple of the balls may not fall, but constant fatigue and migraines are also an unpleasant thing.

Liquid soap

And shower gel and liquid for rinsing the mouth. They usually contain triclosan, which really destroys harmful bacteria, but spares and useful. Devoid of the protection of the body is exposed to constant attack from the outside. Hence the frequent winter colds.

Synthetic carpets

Remember the smell in the big furniture store? This files most often here on the floor lay a cheap carpet. They are still on the plant are impregnated with toxic liquids to deter insects. To keep these houses is just silly.

Frying pan with Teflon coating

Non-stick frying pan to save housewife from a lot of problems, but it can have a negative impact on health I whole family. High temperature leads to the fact that polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Teflon) begins to evaporate toxic gas, which is then absorbed into the food. Pay a bit more for the pan of stainless steel will be healthier.

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