10 rules of healthy eating that will help you to lose weight without harm to health

Do not get fooled by low fat foods, but eat more whole grains.

10 правил здорового харчування, які допоможуть схуднути без шкоди для здоров&#039я

Food! Like many in this word… you will Agree that we give food a lot of his time as her absorption and choice. Almost everything in our lives revolves around her, and she occupies a very important place in our lives. How correct is your diet will depend on how you will look and feel. And in the summer in a number of many reasons to look good you want more. To get in shape and feel great, you must know the secrets of proper nutrition and several working diets, informs Rus.Media.

Water diet for the lazy

The essence of this diet is that you need to drink during the day a sufficient amount of clean drinking water. To be more precise, it is 20 minutes before each meal, fill the stomach 200 ml of water. And during the meal and 2 hours after a meal to drink, on the contrary, is not recommended.

Thus, the weight loss is due to the natural reduction portions. Stomach is already filled and want to eat a lot less. Radical dietary change is not happening. That is why this diet became so popular and beloved.

Gourmet diet

Can I lose weight by eating only the tasty and delicious food? The answer to this question, without a doubt, Yes. There are many gourmet diets. For example, Chinese, North and one of the most popular Mediterranean. For the latter characterized by frequent consumption of fish, fresh vegetables, whole grains. Allowed to drink wine in moderation. But from eggs and red meat should be abandoned.

These diets have a number of features. Hard there are no restrictions. Prohibited only obvious harm. But also quick results should be expected. Lose weight on easy gourmet diet not instantly, but the end result is stable. It would be correct to call this type of food is not even a diet, but a style and way of life.

Mono –

If a wide variety of allowed foods you do not like and only provokes all sorts of temptations, you’ll like the mono-diet. Here the choice is not great. More precisely, it does not. To eat only one product. The most popular mono – diet on oatmeal, buckwheat porridge, yogurt. Don’t forget to drink plenty of liquids.

It is important to remember that although the result will not keep itself waiting long, after the mono hard enough to keep the effect and not regain the lost kilograms. So do not abuse this power. It is best to practice mono as fasting days, that is, from 1 to 3 days, but no more. In addition, such diets can cause health problems, so it is best to consult a doctor before starting.

Protein-carbohydrate alternation

If you appreciate smakova variety and you desperately need to eat something delicious, then pay attention to the protein-carbohydrate alternation (BVCH). This diet is based on the fact that the month is divided into several cycles for three days, which are repeated one after another. The first day you can eat only carbs. Not to be confused: you need to eat only complex carbohydrates. On the second day, the daily diet consists of carbohydrates and proteins in ratio of 1:1. The third day is entirely dedicated to the squirrels. The recommended duration of this diet is 30 days.

Particularly effective protein-carbohydrate alternation in combination with sport and physical activity. So you will improve overall body tone and growths slabs of lean muscle mass.

Ready diet

For the lazy of the XXI century have prepared pleasant surprises. If you want to look good, but time, energy and imagination to cook a proper meal you do not, then pay attention to ready diet. You will be a balanced composition and clearly counted calories. Finished dietary products it is better not to completely replace all meals, but only to Supplement them. After all, despite its useful composition, such products can not substitute fresh food.

Today there are many brands and products which help to keep yourself in good shape. Responsible approach to their choice in order not to harm yourself and your health.

How to lose weight easy and fast? Follow our useful tips that speed up the process of weight loss:

Forget about sugary drinks

These include sweet drinks and packaged juices from the supermarket. The fact that these beverages contains a very large amount of sugar and nutrients are missing. As a consequence, insulin after their consumption decreases, and appetite increases.

Include in the diet grapefruit

In grapefruit contains a valuable substance called naringenin. She is responsible for the process of burning fat in the body and stimulates the weight loss. It is not necessary to eat only grapefruit. Eat half bright citrus each day. The result will not keep itself waiting long.

Do not get fooled by low fat foods

Often low fat foods are of no benefit to the body. Do not forget: to make the product less calories and remove from it excess fat, you should add something else. Therefore, the word “diet” and “low fat” is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Eat strictly by the hour

Discipline is important and in food. If you want to lose weight quickly and keep effect for a long time, train yourself and your body to eat at the same time. Then all the processes will work smoothly. But about a rule “do Not eat after six” it is better to forget. It is completely baseless. The last meal should be 4 hours before bedtime. And it all depends on your mode and daily routine.

Prepare in advance

Proper nutrition is not difficult. Cook your food in advance and store in the refrigerator in airtight containers. There are a number of the products from such storage did not deteriorate. This, for example, vegetables and other homemade products. Also, take food with you, not to give up the dream of a slim body for failing to eat properly during the day.

Eat more whole grains

In whole grain products contains large amount of valuable fiber. It improves the stomach, normalize the microflora of the intestine and serves as a kind of “brush” for the gastrointestinal tract.

Resort to old techniques

If the desire to eat mercilessly torments you, but today you have exactly enough, try to trick your body. You can, for example, to brush my teeth. The brain will immediately receive the signal that it is time to get ready for bed and about food thinking now just not worth it. Besides, you will certainly be sorry for their efforts, and the lump in my throat that just will not climb.

Go shopping wisely

Studies have shown that major grocery chains have in the center of the room junk food with lots of sugar, salt, additives and TRANS fats. Such food ensures a quick saturation and is fun. However, this is only empty calories. So, a snack before going to the supermarket (you don’t want to indiscriminately grab all the food that is on the shelves!), first, go to the far corners of the store. There, by the way, is dairy products.

In the refrigerator place of purchase so the first thing that catches the eye, fresh vegetables, fruits and other useful products.

Like sharp spices

Ground black pepper, chilli not only adds to any dish a touch of piquancy, but also accelerates metabolism. The fact that they have some valuable substance capsaicin, which helps get rid of excess weight. Of hot spices and seasonings you can prepare delicious sauces and add them to various dishes. This, for example, salsa.

Normalize sleep mode

Sleep is an important factor, which is responsible for weight loss. Unfortunately, not many people know that a failed attempt to get rid of extra pounds can be the cause of violations of the stay.

From 22 o’clock till 2-3 o’clock in the morning the human body produces a special hormone melatonin. He is responsible for a blooming appearance and stimulates the getting rid of excess weight. However, it is produced only in a dream. Thus, if you’re nocturnal, then you will lose weight longer and harder.

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