10 phrases that you need to tell the child every day

Psychologist and mother Catherine Hlamova tells what it is necessary to remind the child daily.

10 фраз, які потрібно говорити дитині щодня

We don’t often think about the fact that every word spoken to a child can leave his impression on me for life, to form character, informs Rus.Media.

I love you

At any age – and in 2 months, and 15 years – the child needs to hear these words from a loved one every day, it is the basis of all bases. Of course, the words need to confirm the action: spend time together, to listen, to discuss problems. Let not a day goes by without confession of love. Children feel comfortable and confident, knowing that they are loved.

How cool that we had exactly what you

It is important that from an early age children understand that they are unique, different, special, because all of us in one way or another differ from other. Set a goal every day to talk to children about their birth is the best thing that happened in your life. This is especially important to hear children who have brothers and sisters. Reassure the child, let her know that mom and dad’s love enough for each and every child for parents – love.

You will do it (I believe in you)

Even small tasks at first may seem solvable in children, as they still have limited knowledge about their abilities. That is why they are so valuable parental encouragement. Always remind the child that he has the ability to perform any task. If every day to repeat to the child that the parents believe in her, she will learn to overcome the difficulties and will grow with a sense of confidence.

How was your day?

To finish the day, discussing how he was, after all, have something important. If this phrase will sound every day, the child will get used to discuss with parents what was happening to him. It is necessary to ask not “for show”, that is to listen to the answer as a whole, even if the child talks slowly and confused, and you are tired and head is full of not children’s joys and disappointments. If you want to keep contact with the child in adolescence, to lay the Foundation to do this now. And there is no better Foundation than the habit austino to talk.

Don’t give up

We already know that to give in to difficulties stupid, and assimilate the principle of “what the eyes fear, the hands do”. However, our kids don’t know it all, and the slightest difficulty can seem a disaster for them. “Never give up” – here’s what you need to learn the child. And this is what I always have to remind him in case of any failures, even if it seems serious. Every person has to know that she has a right to be wrong, without that formed complexes. Right to mistakes and failures and the knowledge that you still stand for, is one of the most important things that gives us the family.

I’m proud of you

Every little step for mankind – big step for a child: he tied the laces, I wrote the first word, first came on the scene in the children’s matinee is really an achievement. Show your child that you appreciate his successes. It will give her strength for new feats and discoveries.

Let’s hug

The famous American psychologist Virginia Satir says that the child, for survival need 4 hugs a day for it to feel good – 8, but in order to grow and develop as a person – 12. Studies show that hugs can relieve the stress, improve physical and psychological health. In addition, if a child “loses” the required number of arms, it can grow indifferent man not to be able to love.

I’m always with you

It is important to support children in difficult situations. Of course, they are wrong and to talk about it very carefully. Giving the child freedom of action, remind her that she may at any time to count on you. Baby will be much easier to overcome difficulties with the idea that he is not alone, that in the difficult times she’s come to the aid of family members.

You’re smart

Why does a child need to know that she’s smart? HER self-esteem may be low. At one point, focusing on the successes of their peers, she decides that she does not possess outstanding intellectual abilities. This leads to the fact that at the slightest difficulty, the child will come and write off failures in their own stupidity. Therefore, at every opportunity, praising her intelligence.

Thank you

Do not forget to thank detini if she removed the toys, helped wash the dishes or dusting. No matter how well she did it: mistakes you can specify and is to be commended for the desire to help. Is the magic word not only brings us together and motivates, but also teaches politeness.

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