What you can and cannot do during the assumption PSTU in 2018

The Dormition fast lasts for a short time, however, Orthodox believers strictly adhere to Church rules.

Що можна і що не можна робити під час Успенського пісту в 2018 році

The Dormition fast takes place every year on certain dates. In 2018, they remain unchanged from 14 to 28 August. Ends fasting on the day of the feast of the Dormition of the virgin. During lent, which degrees is the same as Big believers daily pray to Higher powers, informs Rus.Media.

What you can do in Dormition fast

Dormition fast, like others, begins with prayer requests to the Lord. Morning, afternoon and evening prayer protects the believers from all evils and make it easier to transfer restrictions.

While fasting you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins. A day Honey Spasa, which will be held on August 14, sanctify the believers in the churches of bee products. 19 August Savior of the Apple feast begins: the first crop of apples are allowed to eat after the blessing received at the Church. From honey and apples make a lot of meatless dishes that perfectly complement the Orthodox diet, and support believers in a good mood.

During the Dormition fast every day I try to wash with Holy water and drink it on an empty stomach. According to legend, during a short post this water can cure many ailments, and bring to life well-being.

Daily activities are not prohibited, so during the Dormition fast, you can wash, sew and wash. The clergy is a call not to feed too much work, not to deprive yourself of the time needed to devote to prayer.

The Church does not forbid sports, but urges to avoid excessive load, which can deprive the forces.

In 2018, during lent, each person can confess and repent of their improper actions. To do this, each Church has certain days when the priests give Holy communion to parishioners.

During lent it is possible to baptize the children, to give them the ultimate protection.

What not to do in Dormition fast

Content during the Dormition fast is necessary, therefore, believers need to give up bad habits, alcohol, gambling and other entertainments, distractions from the spiritual work.

Married in the Church from 14 to 28 August, will not work. Clergy are reminded that lent is a time of spiritual and physical containment, in which first we have to think about the soul.

The Church calls for a time short of the post to leave the hobby and other Hobbies that distract from prayer and spiritual growth.

For a long time watching TV or playing computer games will also be banned. Better to post the whole family to go to Church to offer prayers and to ask the Sky protection and strength to overcome all difficulties. Will have to defer visits to major concert events, if they are not religious.

Dormition fast is not a time for rites and rituals. The Church forbids any kind of divination and other methods to look into the future, because it has God’s Providence. Not doing the Lord’s business, people commit sin.

Not in the Dormition fast to experience negative emotions, to fight and to engage in conflict. Every believer needs to control emotional outbursts and avoid quarrels.

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